To Be A Product Manager | Day 11

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Welcome to Day 11 of

To Be A Product Manager

Just got back from the Chinese New Year Holiday, I went to Singapore myself and enjoyed my short vacation on the beach. I spent a lot of money on every meal I had there, even though they are not that tasty compared with the food in Shenzhen. And it was not until couple hours ago, I found out my weight has already jumped from 64kg to 70kg, in just 3 weeks after I moved to Shenzhen. 😂

Back to the topic, me and all the colleagues got together yesterday for lunch to celebrate the New Year. As one of the youngest guy in this company, I got many red pockets(money pockets)! 😎

Today is the first day we started working. I main focus is to learn more about feature pool or feature list. This sounds totally new for me and building our feature pool is always on my task list. So

What is Feature Pool or Feature List?

From my own understanding, it is the list for features that we won’t develop on current MVP version, which means those are the features we are going to develop later.

But I also want to know

Why do we need a feature pool or list? Isn’t it better if we just focus on the present and NOW?

It turns out there are 3 things:

  1. To document the features that we cannot digest now.
  2. The origin of brainstorming.
  3. The origin of versions updating.

Building a product from scratch is not about adding all kinds if features to your first version, but make a plan and prioritize the features that you are going to develop in a long term. I guess there must be long way until I totally grasp the essence of the art of product planning and prioritization. It takes time to learn how to communicate and get familiar with developers and designers, so that you can have a very precise speculation of how many hours do they need to achieve all those features.

So I think there are 3 most important things in feature controlling:

  1. Make the core feature clear and direct.
  2. Ideate a complete plan and build your feature list.
  3. Be flexible and practical to suit your current conditions.


  • Learning about feature pool or list
  • Build my relationship spreadsheet
  • Build my personal website


I’ve finished the cellphone market research before the new year holiday, so today many people viewed my research and provided some feedbacks. This research is to help tech team have a better understanding of cellphone market, so that they could get some of those most popular cellphones among customers and build and test our app.

I didn’t spend time asking myself deeper questions of why we need this report. I know it will help us understand which cellphones should we support and, but what kind of statistics indeed can help other people know right away which cellphone to purchase.

I just provided with a popular cellphones specs and lists, but our colleague reminded me it would be better if you can provide a percentage or a diagram.

Steve Krug wrote a book called Don’t Make Me Think. I think everybody is lazy and don’t want to spend any extra time on research you’ve done, they just want to know the final results and conclusion within seconds.

More questions, more WHYs.

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate your time!

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