To Be A Product Manager | Day 19

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Welcome to Day 19 of

To Be A Product Manager

I arrived at office around 8:45am today, and found my inbox is full of messages and emails. The engineer sent me the latest version apk, as well as details and notes about non-vr mode and vr mode user interaction.

I made some changes to the WeChat H5 sharing & recommendation feature wireframes, with regards to all the feedback from product team and engineer team. Then I upload it to our co-working platform.

I had a quick look of our mobile app, but didn’t started digging in. Then I switched to mobile phones research, with more data and research we gathered. I made a list of Top 30 popular phones with all their specs including screen size, system, CPU and RAM. Then I picked 5 of them, and highly recommended we could purchase them(second-handed), and test our app during development process.

I also started prioritizing feature list for our next app version, the senior PM taught me

Prioritizing is one of the most indispensable skills of a PM.

It reminds of a short paragraph that describes PM’s responsibility which I read 2 weeks ago:

“Prioritize. Have strong opinions, weakly held. Plug the gaps. Launch and iterate. Know the user. People > products. Create team culture. Always over communicate. Work with people whose strengths and weaknesses complement your own. Take good notes. Your calendar is sacred. There is no such thing as an easy launch; launching good enough > never launching.Have fun, detach, do not burn out. Always have a 20% project. Follow passions and connect the dots later. Always have a cofounder. Begging forgiveness > asking permission. Embrace the struggle. Take big risks; your failures won’t matter in two years and your successes could change the world.”

Maybe I should read this every morning to kick off the day!


  • mobile testing bugs report
  • mobile phones research
  • update feature list


Today’s challenges is still focus, plus communication. I usually keep my work email open in my browser, and we use several platforms and tools to communicate. The notification sounds are pretty annoying and distracting, tommorrow the first thing to do when I get in the office.

Due to time difference and language barrier, I don’t feel like we have a very smooth conversation since I joined them. Most of engineers will come to Shenzhen office in March, and I’m looking forward to chat with them and get a lot things clear.

Hopefully everything will be all right then.

My name is Zake Zhang, a rookie VR product manager based in Shenzhen, China. I’m thinking what if I write daily product journal for 1,000 days?

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate your time!

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