To Be A Product Manager | Day 20

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Welcome to Day 20 of

To Be A Product Manager

As I said yesterday,

Knowing how to prioritize every features in each sprint f development, is the key skill of product management.

I only have a big goal today, which is to update my app feature list and prioritize them. I have never done this before and I even have no idea how to start with.

Yesterday, the senior PM also shared this with me:

  • P0-the key features of app. If these features do not work properly, this sprint is completely failure. You should make clear about the deadline and give then enough time for engineers to develop and test. Engineers start with these features, and won’t switch to P1 if they haven’t finished them.
  • P1-important features of app. They’re not indispensable in this version, but they are like extra features of P0. Engineers will start doing these after they finish P0.
  • P2-stand by features of app. These are nice to have.


  • prioritize app feature list
  • brainstorm of VR lobby
  • product planning of next version app


So I turned off those disturbing notifications this morning, and also sent out a reach-out email. So focus wise, I did a better job than yesterday.

I challenged myself and asked a lot of questions today, just want to make sure I’m solving the problem the way they want me to. With all those answers and your constant thinking process, you actually increase your productivity.

TIPS: Don’t forget to go an extra mile while working! For example, your boss ask you to finish a cellphone research and make a list of top 20, I make a list of top 30 with all the specs like screen size, CPU, RAM, system and price.

This morning I also heard she’s saying that the feature list made by our American team is too long to be read for non native English speakers. So I also shared with the whole team a Chinese translated version of their feature list.

If your goal is also to achieve what best people could normally achieve in their 10-year career in my next 3 years. Don’t just go an extra mile, go extra miles.

My name is Zake Zhang, a rookie VR product manager based in Shenzhen, China. I’m thinking what if I write daily product journal for 1,000 days?

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate your time!

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