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Welcome to Day 26 of

To Be A Product Manager

Yesterday after I posted my product journal, I stayed in office and watched this Google IO VR design video again.

This video is my ultimate inspiration of getting a cardboard and starting building my own VR game. The purpose of watching it again is that I want to figure out the process of designing, and how I can apply those things and collaborate with my colleagues.

The general prototyping process looks like this:

Brainstorm ideas
Rank ideas
Document findings
Highly recommended (if you are new to VR)

It literally powers me up last night! When I was in Boulder, I’ve been taught a lot about rapid prototyping, and we have so many exercises of training this skill in less than 20 minutes.

I know exactly the benefits and amazing outcomes one could get when they finished several rounds of prototying.

Great works come from millions of prototyping, not from billions of ideation.


  • VR lobby brainstorm/presentation
  • Unity, Blender learning
  • MVP Bug tracking


As we discuss during the meeting, we narrow down the possibility of our lobby into 2 categories: indoors and outdoors.

Indoors: This is definitely not like your bedroom, which is not wide and big enough, with only 1–2 windows. It should be a big lobby like hotel, but without ceiling or providing serveral big windows that allowing users enough space to explore and feel comfortable being in that environment.

Outdoors: This should be a low poly style nature landscape, which doesn't put too much pressure on your CPU and GPU.

I really prefer the first one. And we also set up the timetable for our prototyping sprint. There should be at least a new lobby scene every week, at least I decide to push myself to do that.

This is what I built this afternoon

Like what they said in the previous video, in VR design process, there’s no strict classification of each design role, maybe you are good at Photoshop and Sketch, but you also need to learn Unity and Blender.

I’ll see you next week.

My name is Zake Zhang, a rookie VR product manager based in Shenzhen, China. I’m thinking what if I write daily product journal for 1,000 days?

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate your time!

Warm Regards,


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