To Be A Product Manager | Day 28

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To Be A Product Manager

Today I’m participating in many discussions, Weibo/WeChat H5, customer/operation management system, and VR lobby product design.

I presented my thoughts on H5 wireframe in the morning with product team, and the director and my mentor gave me some advice on details and different user entries for each scene. This is my main task for tomorrow.

I have some experience using CMS when I was an operation intern back in 2015. It is not perfectly designed, so it’s really not a pleasure to use this system when you want to upload or edit our resources.

So making yourself clear and keep following up with the engineers to make sure this system work well on each section is really important, otherwise you probably need to redesign the whole CMS once your business go big.


  • H5 feedback
  • VR lobby product design
  • CMS learning
  • MVP testing


The challenge I find today is that I feel extremely lack of experience in today’s discussion.

When I presented my thoughts on wireframes, it is not I’m not careful enough to think thoroughly on each scene and user entries, it is because I don’t know I should include this in my presentation.

When I listen to their discussion on CMS, I have lots of experience using it, but not designing it.

When we discuss VR lobby design, I’ve done enough research on other VR apps, and I know what we should do and what we should improve, but it is really hard for me to lead the product design process, I need someone like my mentor giving me a big blue print of this VR lobby, show me everything I need to consider, then I will fill out the blanks and put everything into context.

So I think besides the execution step, before and after I should really take time to review, and learn about how they define this product, and how they prioritize each feature and task. Always have this question in your mind:

What if I were in charge of the product and company?

My name is Zake Zhang, a rookie VR product manager based in Shenzhen, China. I’m thinking what if I write daily product journal for 1,000 days?

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