To Be A Product Manager | Day 59

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Welcome to Day 59 of

To Be A Product Manager

How I live today is definitely not what I really want it. Low productivity and many distractions and meetings throughout the day, you only find yourself at the right state to work when the day is coming to the end.

But sometimes, things happen and you can run away with that. When I take a reflection for today, at least I make somebody else happy.

I’m still struggling with the H5 video player’s data document today. I tried to search online to see if there’s any template I could take into consideration, but got no luck. So I wrote down all the questions I have on paper, as well as a general structure about how I’m going to do this. Then reached out to my mentor for help.

He doesn’t have those documents with him as he left the former company. However, he gave me some really decent suggestions based on my questions and thoughts, which really helps me narrow down the scope.

As I just figured out what to do, I was called to several meetings. I hate meetings, but this time I was with CEO and team leaders, which could be the best opportunity to learn. Then I also helped set up our comparison demos to show our potential investors.

And then… my whole afternoon… is gone… 😑


  • H5 player data feature document
  • MVP bug tracking & discussion


1. Look for the best while testing

The discussion for MVP is more like a group testing and reach an agreement on our next goal. And thanks to my product director’s trust, I take fully responsibility for this project.

During the test, you can tell how strict and careful our CEO is, he pointed out many bugs that are hard to notice. I wrote them down on my notebook.

The thing I learn here is not being harsh or picky. It’s actually good to be that during testing. But what really stands out is that you need to put down all your opinions on current product, and dream for the best, period.

No one would believe that you can put 10,000 songs in your pocket before iPod came out. But Steve could always challenge the current limits and create the things that have never been created.

2. Build knowledge on data planting

I read many articles about how to define data types and how to create a data collecting system. But when we discussed this late afternoon, I also found that it could be so helpful if I understand more about data collecting API and how to use existed framework to collect data.

My name is Zake Zhang, a newbie VR product manager based in Shenzhen, China. I’m thinking what if I write daily product journal for 1,000 days?

Thanks for reading and let’s keep on hacking!

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