To Be A Product Manager | Day 72

This journal helps me improve 1% every day…

Welcome to Day 72 of

To Be A Product Manager

It’s Friday night around 11PM, but I come back to office to finish this journal after a group dinner with our colleagues.

You gotta do what you decide to do.

A couple minutes ago, as I was walking to our office from the metro station, I asked myself,

Do you really believe this journal helps you improve 1% every day?
Or does it become a burden that keep you away from happiness and relaxation?

I don’t know.

However, what I do know is, at the end of the day, it is not the work skills and experience that make me stand out of the crowd, but the mindset I develop along the way.

Writing this journal is just the form that every body perceives, but the end goal is to become a more self-disciplined person who has unbelievable capacity to learn and grow.


  • Product planning meeting
  • MVP planning
  • Website & back end system


This morning I was asked by a senior engineer about some details of our website info collection system. He pointed out something very important but I have no idea when designing the website, which is safety.

When we are users, we basically take every features within an app or product for granted. We only focus on the bad ones that are not working or work not the way we want, and complain about this shitty product design.

But if you have experience in designing a product or even a feature from scratch, you know the hard work behind every tiny changes, like copywriting, color or the position of some reminder.

I analyzed every scenario of possible results, and add little bit changes to the original feature list, which is something I shouldn’t do at this point. But should be fine as long as the engineer is your friend. hah 😎

My name is Zake Zhang, a newbie VR product manager based in Shenzhen, China. I’m thinking what if I write daily product journal for 1,000 days?

Thanks for reading and let’s keep on hacking!

Warm Regards,


be so good they can’t ignore you.