To Be A Product Manager | Day 78

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Welcome to Day 78 of

To Be A Product Manager

Finally it’s Friday!

Me and my friend in Beijing are thinking about meeting 10 people from Tinder, or Tinder like social apps. And our goal is really simple, to get to know them and why they’re on these apps, what do they expect from these apps and what have they got from others.

We have questions prepared, but don’t get us wrong. We don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings and we are thinking about really making friends with them, and get to know them like a true friend.

This weekend, I may go for my first 2 “dates”…

Back to today’s work, I finish 2 research on our products and get prepared for the next week test environment building.

I hope this weekends I can take a really nice rest with meeting interesting people and friends.


  • SDK test document
  • VR mode under H5 video player
  • English website


In the second research I did today, I challenge myself to find a better way to present what I found, as well as my own thoughts on that.

In the end, I start the research with a standard that I think every good VR videos should have, which are:

  • High resolution
  • Smooth playback
  • Good content/story
  • 360 degree immersive experience
  • Binaural audio
  • Haptics

But with html5, you can’t achieve all of them, even you can, the user experience may not be good.

Based on these standards, I compare our product with some other products in the market, and also give reasonable suggestions to back up my opinion. I think this should be easier for other people to resonate with.

As I’m about to close this week product journal, it hits me that Simon Sinek suggests we should all starting with our whys, but the way you articulate your story matters as well. And they are like,

What it is… and what it could be?
What it is… and what it could be?
What it is… and what it could be…

Think about Steve Jobs’ keynote now…

My name is Zake Zhang, a newbie VR product manager based in Shenzhen, China. I’m thinking what if I write daily product journal for 1,000 days?

Thanks for reading and let’s keep on hacking!

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