To Be A Product Manager | Day 80

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Welcome to Day 80 of

To Be A Product Manager

Well, today is fucked up. Because I have no idea what I’m going to say in today’s journal.

I arrived at office at around 9:30AM, after reading for a while, I opened communication apps and my task board, started gathering feedback from American teams and made changes to the current website.

I wrote down my tasks for today on the sticky notes. But after I came across some errors while setting up the camera again, recording some footages for further test use, it’s already at noon.

Finishing my lunch and taking a nap, then I was called to have a meeting. I did not expect this meeting to be an hour and a half long. And I didn’t have a chance to leave the meeting room for a second, but caught into another discussion.

I left the meeting room after confirming with my mentor, the rest of the tasks have nothing to do with my current work. But I also felt like I’ve already lost an hour sitting there without feeling any sense of presence.

Today is terrible. Tomorrow should not be.


  • English website test
  • Z Cam test
  • 2 super long meetings


The first meeting I had with my mentor and product director, we discussed about the possibility of live streaming with VR technology in games, concert and show stage, which is similar to Periscope, a girl or guy sitting in front of the camera and chatting with you or dancing.

The director shared what she’ve learned from the business trip to Beijing and meetings with some big live streaming or video platforms in China, which is insightful and helpful. But the right approach for VR live streaming in games, remains a mystery.

Because the thing is, right now, the biggest market in China is mobile gaming. There’s game called Wanzherongyao(王者荣耀), which is like a mobile version of League of Legend. You will see people from 5-year-old kid all the way to 50-year-old man playing it on bus, while eating or walking, literally every minute besides their sleep.

The game is belonged to Tencent, which is also the owner of WeChat, the big shareholder of Didi(the company beat Uber in China).

And the game have become their biggest business now, which brings them 100 million yuan, EVERY DAY.

My name is Zake Zhang, a newbie VR product manager based in Shenzhen, China. I’m thinking what if I write daily product journal for 1,000 days?

Thanks for reading and let’s keep on hacking!

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