To Be A Product Manager | Week 23

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Welcome to Week 23 of

To Be A Product Manager

Jesus this week is so fast, I still feel like this is just the start of July, but half of the month has passed. To be honest, I’m actually happy I decided to stop posting daily journal and switching to weekly one.

As I mentioned in the previous post, we’re a early startup, like literally really early, we have nothing besides a bunch of great talents from all over the world and insanely strong technical strength. But this is also what makes us stand out from the rest of startups, most of time people decide to start a business when they have a great idea and approachable solution.

In the first 2 days, I had some time thinking about mini program, I list every possibilities to make my idea a useful and entertaining product on Chinese biggest social app, WeChat.

Then the rest couple days, the product team are occupied with our demo. We had scheduled a meeting with one of the biggest Chinese Internet companies in our office on Friday. We tested with different settings and parameters, and worked until 2AM yesterday to prepare for today’s demo meeting.

I’m pretty lucky to be on product team, and also have the privilege to be responsible for one part of the demo product. So as a product manager who just has 6-month experience, I sat with a couple of tech lead and product lead, and listen to their discussion on VR current market and future possibilities, which is one of the best thing I learned this week.

And because the demo meeting is a great success and potentially get us the opportunity to cooperate, we had a team dinner tonight. And in the future, our founder & CEO has assigned all the demo work to me, which means I have more chances to introduce our product to other people and companies, meeting more great people and push our standard to a higher level.

What I accomplish

  • Updating H5 VR player
  • MVP demo
  • Blackmagic camera rig setup and test
  • Mini program wireframe

What I’m pondering

Last night, I stayed at office until 2AM. Each of us received call from our founder in SF. He is very serious about this demo meeting and want every one to be serious about it and show them our best performance.

I also had a talk with my mentor, the senior product manager last night about our founder. Yes, he’s like a parent, always follows you and make sure what you do is right. You may find it annoying sometimes, and waste your time working on things that matter.

But once you get his pursuit of excellence and energy vibe, you won’t leave the work half finished or not perfect. That’s what I think his years of experience at SONY teach him the most, and I also appreciate it.

My name is Zake Zhang, a VR product manager based in Shenzhen, China. I write weekly product journal and reflection.

Thanks for reading and let’s keep on hacking!

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