To Be A Product Manager | Week 25

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Welcome to Week 25 of

To Be A Product Manager

This month has been the fastest one in my 2017 so far, every day is crossing your fingers like water, and if you don’t push yourself to hold it, you will end up with nothing conscious and valuable in your mind.

I started this week with the idea of going to bed earlier and waking up ealier as well, but haven’t executed that well. I got tried fairly easily during the day and always need a nap to recover.

I also went to a piano lesson last weekend, the teacher gave me some basic knowledge about music and piano, and I sat there practicing for 2 hours. I end up deciding not to enroll the classes, not because I’m not interested in playing piano, I have strong interests in piano and cello when I was a 12-year-old kid.

But the intention of going to learn piano or cello is not impress other people, but for myself. The importance of learning something new and practice your patient obviously matters to me, but the urgency of learning it right now is not that much. Plus, it costs me ¥5,000 (nearly $800) to enroll the first 6 months classes, I’d love to spend it on learning Unity and C# programming at first.

So I sign up for the first 2 months VR development classes on Udacity for $200, which will start on Aug 14th. But I will come back learning piano and cello right after this.

What I accomplish

  • H5 VR player update and test
  • CMS wireframes update and test
  • SOP for demo
  • Website SEO
  • SDK developer document

What I’m pondering

As I said in the previous posts, one of the big reasons I choose to start my career working for a startup, not a big firm, is that I want to take more responsibility and challenges from the very early stage of my career, and make fully advantage of it.

In big firms, new employees only finish the tasks the manager ask them to do. Generally they do not have many opportunities to challenge themselves and take initiatives for a new project. And they get satisfied easily in the long term, because the people around them do so.

After 3–5 years, you jumped to senior position and got high paid, you bought the apartment and car you always love and pay back monthly. Sometimes you don’t really need to push you that much to satisfy someone else at office, because your “experience” can always win people’s trust. So you can be in office for a week without doing anything valuable for yourself or company, but still got high paid… Your life comes to the point of stagnant.

That’s my biggest fear, and that’s why I choose to always be in uncomfortable and challenging environment. Because I think,

If I choose the path that is similar to other people, I will also get similar experience and results. And when a huge amount of people own the same thing, that thing is definitely not precious and unique.

I want to create a path for myself according to the story that great multi-millionaires and influencers experienced when they start from nothing. And I believe that if there’s only 1 person can do it, I can too. It’s just gonna take me some time.

My name is Zake Zhang, a VR product manager based in Shenzhen, China. I write weekly product journal and reflection.

Thanks for reading and let’s keep on hacking!

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