To Be A Product Manager | Week 41

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Welcome to Week 41 of

To Be A Product Manager

I always think November is one of the best month to do a self review, because then there will be Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Eve all those days to distract ourselves from the focused mode, by the way, you can push yourself a little hard in December to catch up with your goals. I will definitely share mine in the next monthly review.

But recently I’ve been running in a very weird situation:

Aimless at work, purposeful in life

It actually a contradiction, but I do feel like this. The things I’ve done in the past couple weeks are all assigned by others, and only have a “yes or no” anwser, which means I cannot control the results and be creative, but doing something repeatedly.

I still remember when I was about to leave WatsonU in Boulder, my mentor and president they all told me:

No matter what you do later in life, do it with your creativity. That’s who you are.

The daily job requires me less and less creativity, but takes me more and more time to finish them. You might ask, why not be creativity at your work? You’re a product manager?

To be honest, for VR this new industry and our B2B business, there’re really not too many opportunities you can try and play around with. You work hard with engineers to meet the standards of customers, you can have a chance to make money and build your product, or you just fail, period.

What I accomplish

  • product reviews
  • VR camera test
  • html VR player test

What I’m pondering

“If you are not happy with your job, then you should change for another.”

I think this is what most of people will do, and I’ve also thought about it. My answer is a pretty definite NO.

Does switching for another job change the fact that you’re working for someone else’s project?


Do you 100% believe that switching for another job will boost your creativity?

Maybe a little, but you can still keep yourself accountable by doing creative side projects on weekends.

The things I can control now is how to be efficient on these tasks, and what I do after work, and I need to make sure they’re creativity and meaningful for my long term goal. Besides the film project, I also started doing a research on digital marketing firms. I will share more when I finish it.

My name is Zake Zhang, a VR product manager based in Shenzhen, China. I write weekly product journal and reflection.

Thanks for reading and let’s keep on hacking!

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