Weekly Review of Mar 21–26, 2017

What you do everyday more than what you do once in a while.

Welcome to the No.24 edition of

THE REVIEW ARMY — Weekly Review

Keep on hacking

  • Translated 2 articles I wrote about VR to English
  • Learn to use CoPro Omni camera
  • Purchased some VR games on Vive (Pavlov is the best)

Next Week Goals

  • Have more fun on weekends
  • Finish REMOTE
  • Start developing a HTC Vive game

I learned about 5 second rule in a podcast, which says when we are making decisions, there’s only like a 5 second gap that you are totally in control of your mind, if you miss that, you’ve already failed.

If you have an idea, just go do it, don’t ever hesitate or wait for the right time. I’m also trying to apply this to every aspect of my life.

… keep on hacking …