The Secret to Success I Wish I Knew Earlier

Zaki Ahmed
4 min readMay 7, 2023
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Often, such titles are used as clickbait. But this one, not at all. Rather, it’s a proven track record made from hundreds of successful men in the past.

All I’m doing here is being a reporter of valuable knowledge and ideas.

I love how Tony Robbins coined the term being a reporter of such insights until they imbibe into you, and become a part of you, rather than using any unfavorable term.

Using the same principles, I’m here to report to you my learnings from my recent read, Think and Grow Rich. These enlightening lessons literally sparked me with wisdom as I went through the book and I couldn’t help but control my excitement to share these valuable nuggets of wisdom over the weekend.

The book contains a message encoded in it. And for fair reasons, the message isn’t given out so easily. Now, when you discover it, it’s going to be a magical moment for you.

The Hidden Secret

If you have read the book, you probably know the secret. Well if you don’t or haven’t read the book, let me tell you that I started the book twice myself, read less than half of the book, and abandoned it. And, I hadn’t got the message this million-dollar book held within.

The author, Napoleon Hill, tells in his book that this secret can only be acquired when you really want it, when you are desperate for it. Perhaps, my desire wasn’t strong enough back then.

But this time, with a slightly different approach, I started the book for the third time, and THERE, right there, I see the secret at the start of the book, highlighted in bold. All this time, I missed the forest for the trees. I never found it because I wasn’t ready for it. Rather, I was just looking for quick hacks, finding “the encoded secret.”

Alright, now to let the cat out of the bag, the secret is literally “Think and Grow Rich” — The very title of the book.

Although it may sound like fluff, it is one of the most accurate statements that I have ever heard. The gravity of this title is intense and one of the biggest factors responsible for success in esteemed men and women.

Next Steps to Success

It’s an absolute truth that every business originated with an idea or a thought, and some took off from there, while others plummeted. But the fundamental to it is thought.

This thought when turned into a burning desire, followed by faith, organized planning, hiring smart personnel, and strategic masterminds, accompanied by persistence, yields success.

Easier said than done. I know. But that doesn’t change facts. Does it?

With enormous “Aha” moments throughout the book, I loved the valuable insight I encountered every few steps of it. The moment I realized and learned something new, I was hit by the following questions —

What next?
But how do I implement this?
What more can this book offer?

And with every question that hit my mind, this book, Think and Grow Rich, had the answers ready. No surprise how the book has sold millions of copies and made millions of millionaires.

For the same reason, I can’t stop myself from recommending this book to everyone.

Now, Before You Go…

I know that sounds a lot like an attempt toward affiliate sales for this book. But trust me, it is not. I know how it feels when you want humongous amounts of riches. You are desperate for it. And you want solutions. You want to know how to get there. How to make your millions of dollars. I have been there, and we are all trying, some a mile ahead of me, and some a mile behind. Or perhaps, a few of those miles. But we are all trying and that is all that matters.

And when I read this book, I found a lot of answers. It helped me. Pushed me way ahead from where I started. Looking at the success I have had implementing just a few steps from this book, I’m just prepping myself for utilizing it to its maximum potential.

Lastly, before you go, remember this one thing. You will find success in any idea or field of work you wish to. If this was not the truth, only a handful of businesses would be successful. The key to success is to hold tight and keep it up through thick and thin, and running your ideas, business(es) through wise men and women who are virtuosos of their skills.

Hope this helps. Keep reading. And comment below your favorite lessons from this book. Also, for any new reads that blew your mind, please drop the titles below. Would greatly appreciate it.

Until next week, keep going. You’re doing AMAZING!



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