The discussion on The Gig Economy

Zakir Jaafar
Jul 15, 2015 · 1 min read

Interesting article by Huffington Post on the Gig Economy. The basic discussion has stemmed from the fact that these independent workers are devoid of insurance, workers protection and other benefits which they are usually able to get from the traditional jobs.

From FlashJobs perspective, we are on the side that we should give people the opportunity to earn that extra bucks if they want to. They are known as independent workers. They should be independent and find other means to get the same benefit if they are “dependent” workers.

The fact that FlashJobs provides the platform between Jobseekers and Employers, puts FlashJobs in a different category than Uber or the like startups out there. However the basic premise is still the same in that Employers can hire these independent workers, hence the Jobseekers in whatever format like part time or temporary job, whenever they want.

Zakir Jaafar

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