5 heartwarming reasons why Justin Bieber has been acting differently on Instagram

Before we get started, A little of background story. I’m a Canadian male around JB’s age. I’m not used to writing articles so forgive me if I make mistakes. Back then, I wasn’t a bielieber but neither a hater. I just wouldn’t listen to his songs. If you made me listen to his track “baby” I would just sarcastically sing it. And when his song “boyfriend” came out, It was his first song that I started listening on my iPod. After his album “Journals”, I became a bielieber after his music video “Confident ft. Chance the Rapper” was trending. Enough said, here’s 5 reasons why.

1. He’s wants people to know that he’s just like everyone else.

Most people view him as someone out of this world and forgetting his human values. Just like everyone, he eats, sleeps, think and feels. He wants people to understand that he has a life too and not just someone living a paradise.

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2. He wants to show that he’s not perfect.

Yes, he is strange and make mistakes. It’s completely normal. His silly jokes are entertaining even those who dislikes him. Posts like this makes me smile and chuckle. Humor is a key to win someone’s heart.

3. He wants to show that he’s an humble person.

Look, just your average Justin having a party and being part of the crowd and not your typical famous guy who is showing off with their stunning look. More celebrities need to show humbleness and make other normal people feel like they’re part of them.

4. He wants people to know that he cares what others think of him.

Kind people do care about what others think. Often, they get hurt from negative feedbacks. Justin is just the same, giving others a chance to know that he has a heart. This just grows my empathy for him.

5. Obviously, he wants to show that he’s a great person.

Nothing is more special when someone shows love to others. He also donated $25,000 to those who got affected by hurricane Harvey. Good people deserve great respect. This guy is heartwarming.

Lets face it, most of us knows that he has done wrong things few years back, but that does not define who he is. Let’s give him another chance to make great things again. There’s a possibility for a change.

Everyone deserves a second chance.