Tokenism and targeting are two entirely different things.
Darren Moten Jr

Thank you for your feedback! I can definitely understand where you are coming from and you are right that in certain situations it can be offensive to be chosen just to fulfill the ranks. Semantics will always matter in these situations for full details really and truly do matter. However, my point was not diversification of sourcing/targeting but it was more geared towards inclusion.

The idea of tokenism as I saw it in this particular situation, was that this may be an opportunity to make things better in the sense of opening a door for other POCIT for future events especially when there is want for their presence. Holding that position as that token, even if just for the moment, depends on the person and also very heavily on the situation. I’m not oblivious to the fact that this could’ve went terribly wrong or that someone in the future may truly just enlist someone to satisfy the masses. However, all I’m trying to pose is to make the best of any situation for the betterment of yourself or someone else. Will you always be able to do that? Absolutely not but there is no problem with someone trying.

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