The Misty 2 for 2: Kreative Nativez, Sebastian Dutch, Kiki Sings, 187 & Black Motion #UnlockedTheExtraCold

When I caught up with The Misty CEO Ignatius Anayawa at his establishment during the Black Coffee @RealBlackCoffee show last year, as we chopped it up I asked him who he would bring this year. It’s 2017 and it’s clear to see it came to fruition as promised and his streak of brining winners has continued. It has been a flurry of back to back successful shows all with headline acts with the prefix Black in their names, fingers crossed we might see Ladysmith Black Mambazo next year. Indeed the theme and genre of house incorporates harmonies, soul, disco, ethnic elements which could be the distinct African percussion element or the heavy synth laden euro vibe, and so house music is a global phenomenon. With Castel Lites in hand it was an #ExtraCold affair and the artists #UnlockedTheExtraCold. Friday Night at Misty was black belt epic and the billed artists delivered on bringing the house down.

Chi the MC

Radio and media personality Chi of Chi Yip Yap Media @ChiAndYipyap was on deck to kick off proceedings and keep the crowds energy levels up between performances as well as do due diligence introducing the acts as follows. From the first beat by Tryybo @Tryybo (1 ½ of Kreative Nativez) on the decks, it was clear Zambian House is alive and on the rise, we shall expand on this shortly. Sebastian Dutch @sebastiendutch did not disappoint the masses and shut it down with his set, and when he dropped a house version of the Power them by Fiddy (yes 50 Cent) Big Rich town which was a major key in his performance brought the house down.

Dutch and Blocks in the groove

Then came Dj Blocks & Tryybo in full effect, collectively known as house producing duo Kreative Nativez @KreativeNativez, who unleashed that extra.

Kiki Sings & The Kreative Nativez

Mid set, Kiki @kikisingszed jumped on stage, and what ensued can only be described as magic! She got the beat from the Nativez on Thursday (the day before the show) and was ready with the prove on Friday. Kiki’s vocals blowing the crowds socks off is an understatement, as the tile of the song Set Me Free, she liberated the listeners with her savage pipes. Such performance was befitting of the platform she was given and set the vibe right for what in my humble opinion was the main event, without taking away from how epic the energy of the supporting artists and Dj’s was.

The last chapter of the show is reserved for numero Uno and the SAMA23 (South African Music Awards) winners of Best Dance Album and Best Duo of the Year for #YaBadimo Black Motion. The people’s rapper come on stage in true Zambian fashion with #Kumwesu, appropriately letting the crowd and the guest artists how we do in Zambia.

UNO aka Chef 187

The set was live and 187 gave the people what they came for with an extra cold set of rare vintage, picking up where he left off from where he #RefreshedYourThunder! Then the main event came on and #UnlockedTheExtraCold.

Black Motion

Rainbow was and is still one of my favourite house tracks of all time, I was excited for their set and they delivered. Dj Murder and Smol’s energy is electric on stage and they brought it and left everything on that stage, belting every hit in their repertoire. I went couldn’t contain myself when Rainbow came on, I lost my mind when Imali followed in a seamless blend. Just when the people thought they were done, they had one more tune on their fiddle… their rendition of Chef 187 Indafilwa Ukuichindika was not a stone cold sign off but an #ExtraCold drop mic! Congratulations on the win @black_motion Black Motion, The Misty is 2 for 2 as far as house music goes, @KreativeNativez Kreative Nativez, @sebastiendutch Sebastien Dutch, @kikisingszed Kiki Sings, @Chefy187 Chef 187 all brought that fire! T’ill the next show. #Zer0Fomo #LitLife #LitTv #HouseMusic #ZambianHouseMusic #Lusaka #Zambia #Africa and keep it #ExtraCold by #UnlockExtraCold