we lose our brothers and sisters

while they are coddled by the system

the cycle never stops

it’s like their fair skin just guarantees they come out on top

they get smiles from the cops

we raise our arms in hopes of not being shot

oh brothers and sisters i know you feel my pain

hearing another name become a hashtag followed by blacklivesmatter is almost numbing

it’s the same story told on a different day

we the people may never be treated the same

we the people that carry so much pain

we the people that struggle making it day to day

but like the pheonix we rise

rise from the remains of those strong slaves

the blood of those like freddie gray

the sweat of martin and rosa

and the tears of our sister sandra

we may never be treated the same

that will not stop us

we shall continue on this endless path until Martin can finally say it’s not just a dream