My new office…

Ciao ciao for now 9–5! Becoming a Digital Nomad

Literally working my way around the world. A new role, lifestyle and adventure.

Becoming a digital nomad has been an ambition of mine for 18 months. Today I finally achieved that aspiration. In September I will be working 100% remotely for one of the most exciting and fastest growing startups to date. In the run up and during the adventure I will be sharing my failures and triumphs of nomadism here and here.

What the flip is a Digital Nomad? Amongst the millennial it is a highly desired existence. The premillennial, content with their comfortable desk, ironed shirts, work banter and strict routine, are less convinced by the whole concept of not working in an office. It scares them. Honestly though, who wouldn’t want a remote lifestyle, working wherever you want whenever you want? In other words, digital nomadism gives you the flexibility to live a life you don’t need a vacation from.

Beats Leon for a lunch break spot.

The Role

In September, I will be joining Hotjar’s remote team of 15. I cannot wait. Hotjar have totally disrupted UX with their analytics and feedback platform; combining qualitative and quantitative analysis of users behaviour.

Unlike competitors, Hotjar is an all-in-one solution, merging heatmaps, recordings, conversion funnels, form analysis, feedback polls and surveys into one platform.

If this wasn’t enough, their agile, iterative workflow is influenced by their 100,000 users who give feedback on a daily basis. For a Product Designer this is a dream come true. Direct contact with thousands of daily users, who happily provide honest feedback, insights and suggestions to improve the platform.

Meet the team…

The Hotjar Way’ is a unique working relationship; The founders, who are very inspirational -

wanted to allow the flexibility to find the best people in the world whilst also providing the opportunity for Hotjar employees to live wherever they wanted, spend time with their families and friends at their leisure, and control their own working schedules’.

If you are curious to know how a worldwide team functions on a daily basis I recommend you head over to the teams blog, Outside The Jar. If you are impressed, why not join the Hotjar revolution? Check out their job opportunities.

The Lifestyle

Many misinterpret digital nomads as world explorers or travellers. the originals escaped to Bali to live off coconut water and ‘good vibes’. However, most now live a polar opposite existence to this, a lot of digital nomads are based in a single city, optimising their autonomy and off-peak benefits, whilst spending quality time with their family and friends.

I am 24 and have very few commitments. My aim is to balance urban living with rural exploration. The reality of the situation is, it is a huge opportunity to explore and literally work my way around the world, whilst collaborating with a likeminded, talented tech team.

#digitalnomad on instagram paints a very, very pretty picture of the lifestyle . However, I know for a fact that this interpretation is heavily filtered. The reality will be far more challenging, which is what excites me. I will have to give this a go though at some stage…

Just taking a team call…

Climbing a mountain for sunrise, surfing at lunch and watching the sunset on a beach during a product team hangout is obviously the absolute dream. There are very obvious impracticalities to this lifestyle, but frankly I cannot wait to experience and learn from them. It took me two years of working in London to realise I don’t need to put up with pollution, a crap commute, rubbish weather and costly rent, when I could open my macbook to this view…

Beats being crushed on a sweaty Northern Line carriage…

I run ultra marathons, love riding my motorbike and will happily throw myself into any new activity. Working remotely gives me the flexibility to enjoy all of these without waiting for the weekend. My new lifestyle unlocks the opportunity to optimise off-peak classes, avoid commuter traffic and run across some of the most incredible landscapes in the world.

Jog without smog.

The Adventure

Overall, I am most excited about working on an incredible product. I will be learning and contributing to an established product team. Their experience of remote working will accelerate my calibration into the lifestyle.

I am not a natural travel junkie so will not be fulfilling the stereotypical island hopping existence; it is not realistic in my opinion. There may be the odd island along the way, but as an ultra runner and drone enthusiast, there are more diverse landscapes and communities that I am keen to join.

Commuting by air

My aim is to begin working in some of my favourite places in the world inc USA, Canada, Philippines, Japan, Portugal and Italy. As I mature, I hope to expand this list and would equally love any suggestions from current digital nomads?

I am also keen to collaborate with the team in person and will take the opportunity to travel to their home countries when I can. To keep updated with the adventure, follow me on here and most importantly here

Wrap Up

Thanks a bunch for reading, I would love to hear from any Digital Nomads about your experience? Equally, if you want to become a remote worker, reach out with any questions!