About cats and dogs from shelters

I have some information I would like to share that may enlighten you.

We all love our pets,and many of us get our dogs and cats from shelters,and humane societies.

When you get a pet from a adoption agency,or a humane society,many times..if not always the animal is microchipped.

This is a good thing since it will help reunite you with your pet,should it become lost and someone finds it…AND..brings it in to a vet,shelter,police,etc.

Here is the thing…when you adopt an animal,you fill out tons of paperwork,right?

Well,some of this paperwork relates to the microchip and details that the chip will now be registered in YOUR name,helping you get your pet back should it become lost.

I have spoken to more than one vet,and agency,and have confirmed this-at least in my area…

The adoption agency’s DO NOT turn in this paperwork,they DO NOT register the microchip to YOU-it remains registered to THEM,or simply will come up as “unknown”,when the chip is scanned.

The cats we have that have been chipped have been checked my me now,on a database,and they come back as being unregistered!

Only 2 of the animals we have had along the years have actually been registered to us.

That is a 50–50 chance that someone will do the paperwork,and get it right.

I don't like those odds.

What that means,is if your pet is found,the chip will come back as “no owner”,and default to the place where you got the animal.

Time is not on your side here..the agency will be called,and they may,or may NOT have a record of you as being the one to adopt that animal.

Shelters will maybe hold found pets for a week,if you are lucky,before putting the animal down,or adopting it out.

Meanwhile,they have no idea of who the owner is,except the agency you got the animal from…yes,that agency CAN pick up your pet,and adopt it back out to someone else.

Even if you call around,and are lucky,someplace has YOUR pet,they will NOT release it to you,UNLESS THE MICROCHIP IS IN YOUR NAME.

If the place you got it from didnt do the paperwork,that pet is NOT YOURS..it still belongs to the place you got it from,and they can claim it.

So,you have to get in gear,and get that chip registered to YOU,and pay the fee..( the fee that you are charged when you adopt the animal-the registration of the chip).

The clock is ticking..you may have to FIGHT the agency you originally got your pet from-you may have to ADOPT YOUR PET ALL OVER AGAIN,AND PAY THEM.

Think about that…how fucked-up is that?

You may never get your pet back,because someone did not fill out,and/or send in the paperwork that you PAID THEM TO DO.

3 cats we have are not registered.

My mother in laws dog is not registered.

We paid a fee to have this done.

WE had to register them now,and pay that fee all over again.

Do you think that humane societies,and and other places that adopt out animals do this ON PURPOSE?

Do you think that these places are really that incompetent that they cant mail in the forms THAT YOU FILLED OUT FOR THEM?

Think about all the lost pets they can claim,right out from under you,by having the microchip NOT registered in your name….

They can pick up YOUR pet,and adopt it right back out…there is a hundred bucks,or more,in their pockets,and you never see your pet again,unless you are quick and register the chip,or you pay them all over again.

Avid microchips-look them up,and call them,give them the chip number,and they will tell you who owns that chip..if you are not listed as the owner,they will let you register your chip on line.

Do it.

Make sure your pet is registered in your name-it will cost you 20 bucks,yeah,I know you already paid that money out to the agency you adopted out from,but you cant be sure that the paperwork was ever sent!