To my dogs

Sitting here,in the middle of the night I came across an old dog toy.
I didnt really “come across” it-I have it by my desk,but it has been awhile since I looked at it.
Battered,missing one ear,it is a big hedge-hog that was my dogs favorite toy for his entire life.
I had two dogs,a chocolate lab I rescued from a shelter,and a Im not sure what sort of a terrier mix I stole from bad owners.
I rescued my lab,Coco from a shelter by lying.
At the time,I had no job,and they also wanted a person who not only had money,but someone who had a yard..I dont have a yard.
I made up a bunch of stuff,used my parents address,because I wanted that puppy-the puppy that was sitting in the corner,shaking with fear,the one puppy that other people were passing over.
I wanted a friend,and I am good with animals,better that I am with people.
My deception got me a wonderful dog,and I did the very best I could for her.
Later on,as I was dating my soon to be wife,her family had a dog,but they just sucked at taking care of him.

I took the pup for a visit to my place,and simply never brought him back..they didnt kick up too much of a fuss about it, I knew I made the right choice.
He had a wacky curly tail,and I called him Curley.
Later on,I would call him Curly Mojo,sine he seemed to have his “Mojo”working.the way his leg would shake when he was excited.
My two dogs got along really well,and they were both my best friends for many years..time takes our beloved pets away far too soon,way too soon.
I did my very best,and I loved my dogs.
They out-lasted my marriage to my second wife.
I always took care of them,and they were always there for me,my friends.
Its been some years now,and the pain still hits me at times,just as sharp as it was just yesterday.
I miss my two dogs alot,and I guess I will never be over it-isn't that strange?

These days,I have a cat…can you believe it? A cat!
While I was still reeling from the loss of Mojo,(Coco had died a few years earlier),Curious George the cat came into my life.
In my neighborhood,we have a colony of feral cats.
As cats do,they have kittens,and most do not live long.
My wife and I take care of them as best we can,and try our best to coax the little ones inside.
They never come in-they are feral,wild animals and the most you can do is try to trap them,but ever then,they are too smart for the likes of me.
One cat had a litter-3 black,and 2 orange tabbies.
They came around,but that was it…except the cat I now call Curious George.
He was day,I opened the door,and he walked right in.
A small ball of orange fur with big ears,and bright eyes.
Well,I have never had a cat before,even though we DO have cats,but you know how cats are…stuck up!

Besides,I had heard that you cant “tame” a feral cat,unless you get them very,very young.
George was about 6 months old.
He was scared,but too curious…he allowed me to touch him before anyone else could get near him..I hand-fed him,and he came out of his feral shell.
Now,he rules the house,and is a terribly rude cat,demanding to be petted,and he sleeps in our bed.
I needed to have that cat come into my life-he helped me get past the loss of my dogs,took out the sting by coming up and laying on my chest,getting his pets,his purring comforting me.
When I went into the hospital,I missed him,and my wife told me he paced,”talking”,and crying all the time…
Now,here I am..time has passed,and I have a cool orange cat for a friend.
I still miss my 2 dogs,and it comes back hard,like now when everything is quiet.
But its not so bad.
Love your pets,give to your local shelters,and be aware of what they can give to you,and how they can improve your life.

What I have said is maybe a long,rambling post,and I don't care if no one reads it…I'm happy to have written it.
Its good to have it out there in cyber-space,if only for myself.

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