Delhi - the capital of house parties

‘Iss weekend ghar ka scene banaate hain’. This weekend, let’s make a house scene.

If that sentence sounds strange, you haven’t lived in Delhi long enough.
If you have though, it instantly transports you to a happy place in life.

Welcome to Delhi, the capital of house parties.

Come sundown and everyone gets busy getting together and ‘chilling’ at someone’s residence. Be it a birthday, special day or just any day. If the streets look vacant after 9pm, it’s mostly because the traffic is headed to a house party!

Pubs have closing hours, clubs have annoyingly loud music and both have company you can do without. How long can you keep seeing the same strange faces in the same strange places? And keep paying a heavy price for it!

Homes on the other hand are open through the night.

Open because the doormat reads ‘Come as you are’.
The other people are your favourite.
The conversation is interesting.
The music liberating.
The tube inviting.
And the opposites attracting.

Open literally too because space isn’t such a luxury in Delhi as it’s in the cramped quarters of say Mumbai. You can conveniently dive into and out of stories happening in different parts of the house. Besides, space around the house also affords you spiffy locations for those selfies!

Another thing that works for house parties is the fact that each home brings with it a distinct character. A unique vibe distilled from its setting, decor and the people who inhabit it. More so in South Delhi which is home to the kothi (independent housing) culture vis-a-vis the high-rise life in Gurgaon and other boomtowns in the NCR.

Delhi is also home to the house-on-wheels party. The Car-o-bar culture is Delhi at its quintessential best, with swanky cars retro-fitted with mini-pubs to swig on the go. While a stone-sober chauffeur works dutifully at the front, you get to party freely at the back!

Festivals are party-time for house parties. Be it taash (playing cards) parties during Diwali, Holi parties during well Holi, pool parties during the summer or rooftop BBQ parties during the winter. Yes, the seasons in Delhi are so extreme that people have no choice but to celebrate them!

Last and definitely not the least, because most of Delhi lives to eat, food is always open at house parties as well. You could order from the 24X7 multi-cuisine delivery places. Or if you feel like playing chef, whip up an adventurous midnight meal for your guests! Of course, if you’re a meat-loving chef, we’d shamelessly expect that you ordered your fresh meat from us. Or if you weren’t planning on playing chef, at least ordered your tasty, hygienic meat refreshments from us. Heck, like house parties, we like being open too!

Time to get back to work.

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Content crafted exclusively for ZappFresh by Adittya Gupta

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