Death of a student by co students over alleged blasphemy charges in Wali Khan university Mardan shocked us all

Shocked and really broken over extra judicial killing of a student by religiously charged co students in Abul Wali Khan University Mardan over allegedly charges of blasphemy committed by slain unfortunate student of Journalism. This is heart broken indeed. This is highest place of intolerance we had observed in Pashtun society. Look when an institution meant to impart education and make students enlightened and inculcate in them new and innovative ideas to work for the benefit of humanity, turn barbarian and so intolerant in matter of alleged charges of blasphemy then what to expect from religious intolerant seminaries students who are imparted such education 24 hours 7 days a week and 365 days a year. This is a very shocking and sad news indeed. Lynching of people is not humanity what name one gives it. It is inhuman approach. People around world are watching our deeds against humanity. This is a very dangerous narrative. This is supported by state itself. This narrative is glorified by media in Pakistan. We were weeping for students in Punjab university where students affiliated with Jumati Islami thrashed and beaten Pashtun students who were performing Atanr a Pashtun cultural dance for peace. Today we saw a very inhuman act of students who became so intolerant and emotionally charged that they committed an act of lynching of their co student who was allegedly believed to have committed a blasphemy. A Judge of Islamabad High Court had recently shown his anger and anguish over alleged blasphemous material on face book and other social media tools. He had threatened to block face book. The unfortunate student was beaten to death over blasphemous material on his face book page. The page does not include such material. This seems a pre planned conspiracy to sabotage situations and to show a very dark and intolerant face of Pashtun people who were once famous for their democratic , enlightened and progressive views on issues. 
Written by Zar Ali Khan Afridi