Malala Yousafzai, her father Ziauddin Yousafzai and Apologists of terrorists in Pakistan

By Zar Ali Khan Afridi — — — — — — — -May 25, 2017

Apologists and supporters of terrorists in Pakistan are once again at war with Malala Yousafzai who won a noble peace prize at a very young age and this prize made sleeps of many sour for them In Pakistan . Many people in Pakistan are greedy and self centered and are unable to digest fame and name of Malala. It is reason that apologists of terrorists term her incident as a conspiracy theory. These are such people who are not ready to accept Osama bin laden was killed in Abbott bad by US forces in year 2011. Denial is a habit of these people who are always thinking negatively to defend terrorists who are using religion as a tool to kill innocent civilian and even school going children. This is such a country where Ehsanullah Ihsan was made and projected as a hero in a short span of one night though said person had claimed each and every terrorist act in which hundred of thousand innocent civilian and other govt officials and school going children were killed. How many religious clerics had moved to streets to condemn terrorism by Taliban for last 15 years in Pakistan in general and in KP and FATA in particular after each terrorist act if their claim of Taliban is to work on a foreign agenda?

Malala has few wrongs with her. First she is a girl and other flaw she has is her Pashtun ethnicity in Pakistan. She comes from an area which is mountainous in nature and people there are very hardworking and economically poor as compared to other parts of the country especially Lahore and Karachi. Some people are not as much against Malala but they have anger in their hearts and minds for her father Ziauddin Yousafzai. Her father was a qualified person and he had a degree in MA English. Besides he remained as an active political and social worker throughout his life. He was not an ordinary person. He was known in his company of other intellectuals, writers , social and political circle of his area. One of his best friends was Fazal Mula Zahid who is our close and trusted friend also. It was about 2008 that I first met Ziauddin and Fazal mula Zahid in Bacha Khan Markaz Peshawar where we founded Airra. Dr Khadim Hussain was nominated its founding Convener. My friendship further extended with them when they were made IDPs for some time and we started working collectively for the rights of our people of Swat from plate form of Amn Tehreek or peace moment. Throughout my experiences and interactions with Ziauddin and his other friends I did not find even a particle of greed or any other little flaw in them all. I mean Ziauddin and his company was trustworthy and very human friendly and it is a known proverb that man is known by company he keeps. My point is that those who are against Ziauddin and having their anger in their hearts for him should remember that he is not a person of sort and he is a real human friendly man and we are proud of him having our friendship with him for long more 10 years.

Apologists of terrorists should understand that their polluted mind set against Malala can not be formatted from viruses their systems have acquired from various sources. Malala is neither agent nor any ones enemy. She is a child education activist and above all she is a noble laureate. In recent tour of Donald Trump US President Saudi Arabia Muslim leadership declared it that Europe and US are not enemies of Islam and Muslim world. So for kind information and correction of Pakistani branded Muslims it is necessary to declare that Malala is no ones agent. Her father is no ones agent. Only these apologists are themselves agents working on agenda which is against humanity. Agenda of apologists of terrorists is agenda of destruction, annihilation and anti humanity while agenda of Malala , her father and his friends and well wishers is of love, peace , tolerance and humanity. Long live Malala and her mission of child education and peace.

Writer is President of

Society for Rights and Development

And Chairman

FATA Commission of Human Rights