Vintage car rally, terrorism in FATA and life threat to khalil Khan Afridi

Zar Ali Khan Afridi

Vintage car rally in FATA under umbrella of security forces in a tight security is tantamount to rub salt over wounded bodies of people of FATA. It is just to deceive international community and to show to them that peace has returned to FATA. This is wrong and is a gimmick to mislead world. Terrorists are still there all around and people are not safe in FATA and Pashtun homeland. Despite last 16 years of war against terror which is still there. 43 billion dollars were digested like snake eats up frog but no success is seen on ground. Khalil Khan Afridi is a known HRD and a pragmatic journalist in FATA. A Bomb was fitted in his car by unknown or well known terrorists but am happy to know that he was survived. According to information he was taken away by security forces and he is under investigation. What a laughing state is it? Khalil Khan Afridi should be released immediately. Zar Ali Khan Afridi Chairman FATA Commission of Human Rights