A Checklist Of Funeral Services To Be Included In A Prepaid Plan

Funeral services are of different kinds and those availed by you would depend entirely upon the plan chosen by you, your religious beliefs and most importantly, your budget. In case, you have a generous budget, the services availed would be entirely different. Those who go for a prepaid plan get the maximum benefit as they get the opportunity to customize their plan and select the services personally. If you are also deciding about a prepaid contract, this post will help you with a checklist to pre-plan your funeral in the grandest manner possible.

Top things to consider while pre-planning a funeral

What are the last wishes regarding this ceremony?

According to the experts of this industry, the arrangements can include anything from —

• A full service traditional ceremony
• A grand event to celebrate the life of the deceased
• A simple cremation or burial ceremony for those not interested in showing off

Here is a quick checklist for you and your family to make these uneasy decisions clearer while planning your post-death ceremony.

• Deciding about the kind of disposition that you would like. The options present at most funeral homes are — burial and cremation.
• Making sure whether the cemetery plot or niche has to be reserved at the time of contract signing or whether it is in the question of your decision.
• Take a note of all your estate papers for the executor’s sake and that you have an easy access to them. These documents mainly include wills, property papers, bank info, safety deposits, and so on…
• You should also determine the type of casket or urn that you want.
• You’ll also have to determine the funeral service or home to take care of the arrangements during the ceremony.
• You have the right to seek information on whether it is family owned and whether it would be available at the time of need.
• You’ll also have to determine the kind of ceremony like the celebration of life or no service at all.
• You’ll also have to determine the location of the funeral services
• You need to place this question before you whether your family would appreciate a funeral or not. It’s not a bad idea to discuss this serious issue with them before coming to a conclusion.
• During deciding prepaid funeral services, you’ll also have to select the newspaper that you want to print or publish your obituary.
• Also determine the words that you want to utter at the ceremony.
• One more thing to determine is the specific music that you would like the service provider to play at your last ceremony.
• Apart from this, you’ll also have to determine the flowers that you want to be used at the ceremony.
• Following this, you’ll have to select the vehicle for your last ride. 
• Other than this, you also have the right to select the food that you want your family to serve to the guests present at your last ceremony.

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