Retweeting Anti-Whiteness

It’s definitely a confusing environment. I’d love to just be evaluated on my skills but I can’t help my “weird” name and skin color. It always ends up in white people being a separate entity and everyone else in another. Honestly I am working hard to take the big titles and pay someday, but I have a feeling I will only be paid a fraction of what the white counterpart before me received for triple the work. Even the culture of networking and negotiation is a ‘white culture’ mindset; I know I never grew up learning which fork is appropriate and how to order alcoholic drinks while buttering your way up to the top. I’m a non-drinker who grew up eating roti and rice and I know it hurts my ‘professional’ image.

Interesting article, definitely hard to talk about with the possible backlash you can get, but it does need to be said.

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