Foundations of a Man

The stepping stones to man-hood
Some aspects of our life (men)are so strong that it’s embedded in our very DNA. Family:the foundation for which man needs. The love and guidance he receives often influences who he will become in the years that follow, what his foreign policy stands for, and how he treat others. These can all be traced back to how he was raised. For some of us, family is found in friendships or extended boundaries, as for others, they may never have had the taste of love. However, I have found that in [the]/my becoming of man, our love for family is not in how we are treated or in response to experience, but the calling of the heart that says, “I am a family man, and regardless of how my family is, I am to love them unconditionally because it’s the only family I have, and they are example for when I have my own family.”
  • Respect
  • Mannerism
  • Cultural Circumstance

Not only did our family gave us life, but they are often the only ones who will be there for us during crises. Whether we admit it or not, there is something deep about sharing the same blood and being close in proximity. For those men who grew up with a family (be it extended or not) you can see a stark difference in their mannerism compared to those men who grew up without. The men in today’s society who were raised by a village have a different self standard and outlook on life. They understand respect for at an early age you are taught to respect your elders. Now this isn’t to say that men who are raised without the loving care of families do not know respect, for they do, but the respect is in a different regard compared to the latter. As you all know there are two different types of respect (and if you didn’t know now you know). The respect that is given and the respect that is earned.

Growing up the men who had families

In order to truly become a man, one has to learn the hardship of resolving conflict with those closest to him, to love through the storm and sunny days, to bear the responsibility of handwork and loyalty despite the challenges and temptations. This is our work as men guys. It is a part of our culture and tradition, and from being a family man you also learn to love your community and society, creating a nation of strong families that form the socio-political identity. That is succeeds you or fail you as a brand of people.

Now do you understand the value of family? It’s an extension of yourself, the legacy of your existence, and the wealth of your state and social status. It is a calling of the conscience, and also a matter of practical affairs. Never let anybody or institution get in the way of creating, protecting, or uniting our family and community, for you to stand by while a casual culture or institution deconstructs your legitimacy of family building is a social crime called soft genocide.

Let the world know we are a brand of loyalty, love, family, and respect. Family values is what they want to break up in order to socially break us. Let’s build up a world of love, and the fu*k with the basics.