Is there a new leader in a Java town?

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Where each journey begins

Let’s imagine for a while that you’re a Java team lead who is going to start a new project. A completely fresh and shiny, beginning from scratch. Cool feeling, right? Pretty interesting business domain, smart guys in the team and a client, who knows what is needed from the beginning. You feel like a hero who will change the world by implementing that using lingua franca in Java universe: Spring Boot. The confidence level is very high since it’s not the first project you’ve been implemented using this Swiss scissor. You know that whatever could you think of, it has been probably already implemented in this stack and just waiting for you to be used for free. It’s a good day you think — great project ahead with usual tooling. Almost the whole team seems to be satisfied with a potential tech stack choice. …


Tomek Zaremba

Full time dad, in free time Java Developer

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