“The Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally has deep connections to the global white nationalist movement, and the epicenter of that movement is in Moscow under the leadership of Vladimir Putin,” writes HEATHER DIGBY PARTON in her Salon article “Trump, the alt-right and the Kremlin: White supremacists’ Russia links are no secret.”

A few facts and photos. Meet the organizers, key leaders and propagandists of the Charlottesville rally and their Russian supporters.


Left: Heimbach holding Dugin’s book and a neo-Confederate flag (tweet image from Newsweek article.) Right: A photo from Dailystormer, an utlra-right website that was taken down by Go Daddy, rehosted in Russia and eventually taken down after the exposure in press.

Matthew Heimbach, the “most important white supremacist of 2016″ is a member of the World National Conservative Movement, a product of the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM).


Left: “White Awareness” by Jared Taylor. Jared Taylor at an event last year in St. Petersburg, Russia. Credit Anatoly Maltsev/European Pressphoto Agency

Jared Taylor, who runs a website called American Renaissance and the author of the term alt-right, was a speaker at the conference of ultra-right forces in St. Petersburg.


Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, has praised Russia as the “sole white power in the world.” According to Business Insider, “the webzine Spencer founded in 2010 — called Alternative Right — accepted contributor pieces from Aleksander Dugin” — a neo-fascist philosopher, who has ties to virtually every American white supremacist leader in one way or another.”

Top left: Richard Spencer in Charlottesville. Top right: Alexandr Dugin: “Vladimir Putin as a savior from “Satanic” West. Chemistry and Physics are diabolical sciences; all Russian Orthodox people should gather around President Putin in the last battle of Good and Evil” (from St. Petersburg lecture)
Richard Spencer at the ultra-right conference, 2017.

The Russian-born Nina Kouprianova (aka Byzantina) , Spencer’s wife, is a self-proclaimed “Kremlin troll leader” also a translator of Alexander Dugin.

Left: Kouprianova’s tweet. Right: Kuprianova and Spencer.
Dugin was a member of the Advisory Board under the Chairman of the State Duma of Russia, S. E. Naryshkin since March 2012. Left: Narshkin; Right: Putin and Naryshkin.

4. KKK

Duke also has ties to Dugin.

Duke and Dugin. “Jewish Question as Seen by an American” by David Duke.

As reported by Business Insider, Duke “has traveled to Russia several times to promote his book “The Ultimate Supremacism: My Awakening on the Jewish Question.” The book has been sold openly in the main lobby of the State Duma (Congress) for the equivalent of about $2, according to the Anti-Defamation League.”

As reported by a Russian newspaper Kommersant, Duke was a regular at the infamous bar Hungry Duck, known for date rapes.

“Russia is the “key to white survival.” — David Duke.


According to Business Insider, Preston Wiginton, a white supremacist from Texas, sublets Duke’s Moscow apartment when he travels to Russia and has written that his “best friends” in Russia — “the only nation that understands RAHOWA [Racial Holy War]” — are “leading skinheads.”

Preston Wiginton in Moscow. Russian Nationalists’ March. The caption under the right photo read: “American confederates-separatists participate in Russian March.”


“For years, the Russian propaganda machine — a loose network of hackers and state media outlets, Twitter bots and bloggers — has pumped out a steady stream of digital disinformation aimed at drumming up support at home and destabilizing enemies abroad. But since Trump’s election, experts report, the Kremlin has doubled down on its dissemination of fake news. Sometimes the stories are completely made up. More often they are simply misleading or biased, tidbits of real reporting repackaged to serve Russian goals,” writes Laura Reston in New Republic.

Left: Troll Factory in St. Petersburg. Right: A Guardian article covering Kremlin supporters suspected to be behind a collection of fraudulent articles published this year that were mocked up to appear as if they were from al-Jazeera, the Atlantic, Belgian newspaper Le Soir, and the Guardian.

“Such tactics were pioneered during the Cold War, as the Soviet Union worked covertly to influence political dialogue in the West. From KGB rezidenturas scattered around the world, a small division called Service A planted false stories in newspapers, spread rumors, and worked to stir up racial tensions.

A classified document, KGB, 1964. “The KGB rezidentura in India can organize… a demonstration of protest in front of the US Embassy in India, with up to 20,000 Muslim participant. Expenses on demonstration organization will be 5,000 Indian rupia and will be covered by the sums budgeted by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on holding special actions in India in 1969–1971. Please review. Signed by Y. Andropov, the Chairman of KGB.”

“In 1964, a KGB front group helped Joachim Joesten, a former Newsweek reporter, publish a sprawling conspiracy theory about John F. Kennedy’s assassination, which later became the basis for Oliver Stone’s JFK.

“In 1983, Russian operatives planted a story in a small Indian newspaper claiming that the U.S. government had manufactured the AIDS virus at a military facility in Fort Detrick, Maryland — and Soviet wire services then trumpeted the story all over the world. As U.S. officials later explained in a report to Congress, “This allows the Soviets to claim that they are just repeating stories that have appeared in the foreign press,”” reports New Republic.

These days, “in Europe, the story is different, with Neo-Nazis in Germany reportedly recruited by Russian intelligence via martial arts clubs, and Hungarian neo-Nazi István Győrkös, who shot dead a police officer last October, running paramilitary training camps for right-wing extremists alongside Kremlin officials,” reports Newsweek.


In a recognizable manner, as the Confederate monuments are removed in the US after the Charlottesville events, the classic disinformation stories pour out into fringe sources and are then echoed by the mainstream media.

The Russian-American diaspora in the US is a prime target of such pamphlets.


Грузный мальчик с флагом Конфедерации стоит неподвижно перед памятником генералу Ли. Он отдает честь своему каменному командиру. А перед ним — толпа сторонников мира, любви, терпимости и разнообразия. И они, приверженцы любви, буквально скрючились от ненависти.
Они, поклонники терпимости, орут и визжат, и прыгают перед замершим мальчиком, и тянут к нему свои факи, и пытаются его ну хоть как-нибудь оскорбить. Но ничего не выходит. Мальчик стоит так спокойно, словно бы и нет перед ним этой обезьяньей помойки, словно бы на площади он один — и его генерал. На кого он похож?..”

The caption to this remarkable image reads, in Russian, style reminiscent of Stalinist newspapers of the 1930s-50s:

“A corpulent boy with a Confederate flag stands motionless in front of the monument to General Lee. He salutes his stone commander. And before him — a crowd of supporters of peace, love, tolerance and diversity.
And they, adherents of love, literally squirm with hate. They, the adorers of tolerance, yell and scream, and jump in front of the motionless boy, and draw their “fucks” to him, and try to offend him somehow so hard.
But nothing works. The boy stands so calmly, as if there is no monkey dump in front of him, as if he were alone in the square — alone with his general.
Whom does he resemble? He resembles a black girl, who passed through the raging racist crowd as dispassionately as when she first went to school in the fifties.
But it is a different century, and quite different people assert their authority, trying to trample everyone who does not fall in their step.
“Peace and Love,” once a symbol of freedom, have become the rhetoric of humiliation, domination and censorship, and whenever a hypocritical person quotes Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King, a street herd demolishes monuments, scribbles fink reports and shouts its cheap curses .
The herd is suffocating with evil.
The boy is standing.”


Another brilliant sample, titled By Stopping Trump, They Will Stop America, is authored by a Russian speaker reportedly residing in Israel, and is written before Charlottesville’s events. Punctuation and spelling skills (or the lack of thereof) give away an amateur yet the style and content make this remarkable piece worth quoting. It is not an Onion piece, in case you were wondering.

“Мы друзья это допустили. Мы сегодня разговариваем с нашими детьми, с нашим будущим на разных языках. Наши дети сменят сегодняшнюю власть и убъют нашу мечту и мечту всего цивилизованного мира, убъют нашу Америку…И в этот тяжелый для всего мира момент, когда Трамп пытается реанимировать ту Америку, в которую мы приехали и которой так гордились, наши дети с промытыми демократами мозгами, не могут дождаться, когда они избавятся от Трампа, чтобы уничтожить эту страну…Вы добились того, что у Путина не осталось ничего, кроме кровавой мести всему миру. Все вы, дорогие демократы и республиканцы не желаете иметь во главе страны человека, руки которого не замараны во взятничестве и протекционизме…” — Arkady Krasilschikov (resident of Israel)
“We, my friends, have allowed this. Today we are talking to our children, to our future, in a different language. Our children will replace the current power and kill our dream and the dream of the whole civilized world, they will kill our America… In this difficult moment, critical for the whole world, when Trump tries to reanimate the America we came to and were so proud of, our children, brainwashed by democrats, cannot wait to get rid of Trump in order to destroy this country… You have achieved the situation in which Putin has nothing left but bloody revenge for the whole world. All of you, dear Democrats and Republicans, do not want to have the head of the country, whose hands are not marred by bribery and protectionism…”


Mike Cernovich, another organizer of Unite the Right, an alt-right blogger whose posts are known to be supported and reposted by the Russian bots and a frequent guest of RT (formely Russia Today) and Inforwars, is one of many voices echoing the narrative “LEFT TERROR” in English.

Mike Cernovich, appearing on RT, Russian propaganda outlet, and Infowars, Alex Jones’ pro-Trump conspiracy theory site.

In his video, leftists are compared to ISIS.

<iframe src=”" width=”476" height=”476" style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0" allowTransparency=”true” allowFullScreen=”true”></iframe>

His fan base processes this narrative in comments and reposts written as colorfully and carelessly as the Russian sources:

The Democrat Party produced the KKK & BLM both racist violent groups, they have always used race as a pawn to advance their hellish Marxist agenda”
“The Democrats of the KKK & Jim Crow laws were the same Democrats in 1964 who filibustered the Civil Rights act & started the “Great Society” to control blacks just on a new plantation & are the same Democrats today who are funded by George Soros & are trying to destroy this nation in the name of a NWO where the elites rule the peasants !”
next it will be Christ statues, churches burned, when will it be stopped, law and order is not being done, if officials allow this get them out, surely there is a way to have these people taken out of office, the evil is eating them up inside, satan is running deep into their souls, the more this is tolerated the more this is going to happen.”
“The Nazis did this, Isis is doing this, and now leftist in America are doing this. This is history you can’t destroy history you can only make people angry when you try to change history.”


Another bewildering piece bemoans the illiteracy of the American Neo-Nazis who “do not suspect that Nazism is a kind of socialism, that is, an extremely leftist, not a right ideology” and therefore “do not resist the fact that well-educated leftists call them “right-wingers.”

According to the author, the “bandit formations of Antifa, Black Lives Matter (“a black racist terrorist” organization) are sponsored by “the Nazi accomplice George Soros.”

Using the 40/60 method, invented by Goebbels, the author concludes that “in Charlottesville the democrats who remember their past clashed with democrats-leftists, who either do not remember their past, or prefer to forget it” and “the “alt-right” is the same left, but with an aggressive racist tinge.”

To save the reader’s dignity and common sense, I will not quote the rest of this piece but will add that it concludes with a statement that “Trump’s chief advisers are a daughter, a son-in-law, and grandchildren — all Jews” and a piece of advice to buy guns in two calibers, “for example, 9 mm and 5.56 mm. Or .38 caliber and 7.62 mm.”


As Laura Reston explains in New Republic, “the internet has enabled the Kremlin to weaponize [its] tactics, making propaganda easier to manufacture and quicker to disseminate than any guided missile or act of espionage. Russian operations like the Internet Research Agency have employed hundreds of bloggers to mass-produce disinformation in the form of misleading tweets, Facebook posts, and comments on web sites ranging from The Huffington Post to Fox News.

“Since at least 2008,” Peter Pomerantsev, a Russian media expert, observes, “Kremlin military and intelligence thinkers have been talking about information not in the familiar terms of ‘persuasion,’ ‘public diplomacy,’ or even ‘propaganda,’ but in weaponized terms, as a tool to confuse, blackmail, demoralize, subvert, and paralyze.” (New Republic.)

“As Clint Watts, [a fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute who tracks the Kremlin’s digital propaganda], explained in testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, the goal of Putin’s fake-news operation is clear: to tarnish democratically elected leaders, deepen preexisting divisions, incite social unrest, and conjure up a world on the brink of annihilation. In short, Russia wants to create chaos. It knows that when the lines between fact and fiction, real news and fake, begin to blur, the Kremlin benefits.”

“Over the past three years, Russia has implemented and run the most effective and efficient influence campaign in world history,” Watts told the Senate panel. Armed with his digital propaganda machine, Putin can influence world politics without having to fire a shot.

“The Kremlin can crumble democracies from the inside out.” — Clint Watts.


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