That comment is the result of watching, again and again, the same one-sided logic applied in these…
Marcus Oliveira Spiegelma

Mr. Spiegelma:

I accept the apology and I understand your feelings. The political crisis creates a psychological trauma. Many people are hurting. Discussions are emotional. We need to do our best to keep a respectful, if passionate, dialogue within the opposition. I have covered the decay of the Russian opposition in my articles and learned in the process.

Your opinion is valid and important. I agree that the damage to private business property is harmful on many levels and senseless. Yet, as the situation escalates we might face more of it due to the psychology of the crowd. I do have more compassion for young people, even those who are acting destructively, though, and believe that the more experienced people and the officials responsible for safety must behave more responsibly. In this case, the administration of UC Berkeley, with the history of damage caused by the speaker’s presence on campuses, should choose the safety of students and suggest a venue outside of the campus for such performances. As an independent performer, I know that there are venues that can be rented out. Public educational institutions should be safe. I am a mother and I am appalled at the risk that the students faced.

In the midst of political conflict it is easy to overlook the value of human lives and the future of the young people. So as far as the ethics go, my stand is clear. Thank you for the conversation.

As for the complicated layout and parties involved into the violent episode, it is too unclear at the moment and more details arrive on a daily basis. (Please see the comments.) I might write a follow-up. I personally know or know of many students and I know that the majority has suffered from this situation.

All the best!

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