This is Psychological Warfare
Sarah Cooper

Thank you! You are right on. Trump is following in Putin’s footsteps: Putin’s first move as the President in 2000 was establishing the government control over the TV. He arrested and exiled the oligarchs, shareholders of the main Russian TV channel. By January 2001 all eleven directors of the TV channel were appointed by the Kremlin. Since then the constitution was re-written and Putin has been in power for 17 years. His rankings are soaring high. Russia has been turned into zombie Mordor. By the skillful use of mass media and psychological manipulation. “Political technologist” is a profession that does not exist in the US — yet. It is as well-known in Russia as a lawyer trade here… I was forced to study the basics of it in school and I do my best to bring awareness to this here. Because if we don’t recognize the mind manipulation and learn to resist it — we will lose this mind war, and soon. Share this article; learn more; think critically and laugh independently. Here are two very short pieces on it: and