Great reporting until you had to ruin the whole thing by assuming the Red Menace is behind it all.
Luana Conley

Thank you for reading and commenting.

My position, expressed in the Opinion section, is supported by my lifelong experience of the former Soviet propaganda, now called political technology. As I have mentioned in my many articles on propaganda on Medium and elsewhere (see below), I was forced to take a four year course on military/combat propaganda and studied the above mind control as taught at the university attended by Putin, Medvedev and Sechin.

I follow the situation in Russian and international sources. On February 23, 2017, Defense Minister of the Russian Federation, Sergei Shoigu, announced a new branch in Russian military, “information warfare troops” and said that “information operations forces have been established that are expected to be a far more effective tool than all we used before for counter-propaganda purposes.” Shoigu added in his speech that “96 percent” of Russia’s strategic nuclear missile systems were “in permanent readiness for immediate … launch.”

Please read the concrete facts on the Russian political technology in these articles:

There are much more and I am working on a series of articles on cyberwar at the moment but you get the idea.