DDDBER: “Tackling Complex Event Flows” — Talk by Bernd Rücker & Martin Schimak


Today I’ve attended a talk by Bernd Rücker and Martin Schimak “Tackling Complex Event Flows”. I think that this is the best talk that I’ve heard in the last year!

The talk was about DDD, I’m not very deep in this topic but actually, the talk wasn’t directly referred to the DDD (it was about creating an ubiquitous language). It was great! Guys talked about events and commands, orchestration and choreography (this two terms were taken from the book I currently read: “Building microservices” by Sam Newman) and state machines.

This talk was one of such talks that really change your mind. I’m really inspired. In-cre-di-ble!

In my further plans is to learn more about DDD :)

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