60 Seconds with

Róbert Farkas

Róbert is a digital artist living in Budapest. He comes from a family of creative talent, beginning with his grandfather, a famous Hungarian film director Tamas Fejer, who directed 28 films between 1937 and 1988. Róbert’s mother became a photographer and encouraged Róbert throughout this childhood to exploit his talents in painting and drawing to follow in the artistic footsteps of his family. He recently created jewelry on Zazzy.co and below is our interview with Róbert on design and 3D printing.

How do you distinguish between art and design?

I think art is for the artist. Design is art for the people.
A portrait of Vilmos Zsolnay by Róbert

Who or what is your greatest influence currently?

I really like the works of Takeshi (Still on the run), and Budi Satria Kwan(a.k.a. Radiomode).
Izanami-no-Mikoto by Takeshi
The Happy Gentleman by Budi Kwan

Do you think 3D printing will effect our relationship with mass-manufactured objects?

I don’t see the future, but I could imagine that 3D printing could be much bigger than it seems now.
Yes Necklace by Róbert

What pushes you to explore a new medium and how does 3D printing impact your profession?

I really enjoy experimenting with new design techniques, that is always very interesting. I think playing with 3D printing can open my mind, and it’s a very huge challenge to design miniature sculptures.
Geometric Heart Pendant by Róbert

Did you know how to use any 3D software before launching your designs with Zazzy?

I was working with 3D softwares such as After Effects, Cinema 4D and 3DS Max for 8 years. I designed many sets for broadcast studios and made many video walls for festivals. I took a course in a Hungarian learning center called Mesh Array, but to be honest I learned my professional techniques from my colleagues ☺
Viva Comet 2014 intro animation and set design by Róbert

How was your experience of creating 3D printed jewelry for the first time?

You have to think like when you’re making a stencil: the final piece must hold itself together. It was very exciting to see the final printed version of the Black Wolf, it looks sooo great!
Black Wolf Pendant by Róbert

How did your fascination with wolves develop?

My family name is “Farkas” which means “Wolf” in English. I really like wild animals like wolves, foxes and owls. They represent freedom for me.
My Roots by Róbert
Tropical Tiger by Róbert
Near to the Edge by Róbert

Have you sold your creative work before and how does it compare to your experience with Zazzy?

I’m also an illustrator, and many sites are selling my products. The fellows at Zazzy are very kind, and helpful, I really like the team behind this little company.
The Hungarian ABC by Róbert

What’s your advice to those who are just getting started with their creative careers?

Never give up, keep on being creative. There are billions of people on planet Earth, and some of them just can’t wait to get your newest creation.
80's Inspired Unicorn by Róbert

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Róbert and his wife Lili, a journalist and a poet.