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Today, we’re excited to launch the new Zazzy. The best way to design and sell unique jewelry powered by 3D print technology. You can start designing on or explore what others already made.

We’ve spent almost two years learning about the democratising power of 3D printing and how to enable people like you to design jewelry on our customisation platform, This year, we used the insights we gathered from the 200,000+ designs generated on the platform to create a brand new concept in 3D design, social media marketing, and online branding. Along with building new tools that offer more creative freedom, we have also launched a marketplace where fashionistas can build a brand, bloggers can express their style, and creatives can use their art and design with an exciting new medium.

For artists and designers, Zazzy empowers you to use your creative work to create beautiful, sellable pieces of 3D printed wearable art. You can upload your work, see instant renders of your jewelry, tweak and edit the final design and share your sales campaign with your friends and followers, who can buy instantly. You choose your own profit margins, making sure you are fairly paid for your work. We ensure a premium product and experience by using only professional grade printers, materials (including sterling silver), packaging, and shipping directly to your buyers.

For consumers, Zazzy blends cutting edge innovation with exciting design talent to create a melting pot of fashionable, design-driven jewelry that stays ahead of the curve. You help define the trends by buying something directly from creative talent. You receive a piece of high-quality jewelry with a story you helped to write.

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We are (space) invading the jewelry industry.

The average piece of jewelry is 13 times more expensive than the production costs, which is spent on the long chain of marketers and middlemen that set out to appeal to the mass market. Our model is transparent and built to benefit the designer and buyer; our cut is 25% of the production costs, giving the designer the freedom to rightfully earn a fair fee for their design and giving the buyer a fair price for a unique piece of jewelry.

What excites us most about is the power of creativity. Every day we are blown away by the designs created by our beta users, from the professional designers to hobbyist creatives. Their creativity and enthusiasm has impressed us no end and seeing their ideas and thoughts become real pieces for the end-user is endlessly inspiring.

When we started in 2013, we had a mission to bring 3D printing to ordinary people. When we reached 60,000 designers, 250,000+ designs and, after closing a deal with some of the largest retailers in The Netherlands, reaching the majority of our 16 million compatriots, we felt we had succeeded…so we changed our definition of success. With our new platform, we want to offer everyone with an internet connection the chance to design, create, earn, inspire and have a voice in global trends. We want jewelry to tell a story; yours.

We’re thrilled to invite you to our new platform and our new way of designing, thinking and creating. We can’t wait to see creativity brought to life.

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