Adapting Chat Commerce to Different Regions

Chat commerce is an inevitable result of record-high usage rates of chat platforms combined with a steady annual increase in online commerce & retail. When discussing conversational commerce and customer outreach, there are a few matters that are typically examined. On the top of that list is making the right choice when choosing the right chat app for business. If one ponders over why different regions use different chats, it wouldn’t be hard to realize that political, economical and social factors are the key causes of selective adoption.

Take a look at China, WeChat is the most used mobile application in that part of the world. Because of strict government censorship and tight surveillance, WeChat was the only chat option that users had. Needless to say, WeChat took advantage of their situation and grew to become the space for not only communication but it also touched a number of other features that range from reserving movie tickets to wiring money to friends.

WhatsApp on the other hand started in Europe as the first free cross-platform messaging application. Since people in that region had to pay an SMS fee every time they wanted to text friends who use other devices, WhatsApp spread like wildfire in many areas in and out of Europe including the Middle East. Another example of an economical factor could be seen in the UAE where a recent shift from WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger took place in the last month. Ever since Facebook Messenger VOIP has been unblocked, which allows users to make free calls over Wi-Fi, there has been a surge in FB Messenger downloads and usage.

Social factors are less subtle and easier to see. Snapchat, even though might not fall under the chat app category, strives from social and cultural affairs. A place where people could send snaps to other friends privately or create unique public filters for special events, Snapchat has a cool and young edge to it making it one of the fastest growing apps in the world. As a result many businesses today have began to utilize Snapchat as a means to market to and even communicate with their audience and customers.

Breaking down the reasons on why users adopt a certain chat, even though interesting, might not be exactly useful to most businesses. However what should be understood is that no matter why or what potential and existing clients are using, a business should concider the chat that is dominant in the region it’s operating in. More importantly, a business should also be flexible enough to adapt and adopt trending conversational spaces in their existing and targeted markets.