Zbooni FAQ’s

1. What is Zbooni?

Zbooni is a chat commerce solution that provides service and product based businesses with the necessary tools that allow them to complete sales and transactions over chat based platforms such as WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger.

2. Where is Zbooni based?

Zbooni is a U.S company with operations in U.A.E, Lebanon, Egypt and K.S.A

3. What are some Zbooni features?

Zbooni’s features include a free e-commerce store, an easy-to-share product catalogue as well as payment, shipping ,customer and order tracking system.

4. How can I manage my business through the Zbooni App?

You can manage conversations, share products, keep track of orders & customers, benefit from shipping tools and accept credit card payment over any chat platform.

5. How many users does Zbooni have?

There are thousands of merchants using Zbooni in the Middle East and all over the world. We have merchants in 40 unique countries.

6. How much does it cost to use Zbooni?

Zbooni is FREE! Zbooni charges a processing fee to help manage payment and delivery.

7. What do I need to pay for?

Sellers cover a 3.5% transaction fee when their customers pay by credit card.

8. Do I need a trade license?

You are not required to have a trade license use Zbooni.

9. Is Zbooni safe?

Zbooni prioritizes security with end-to-end encryption and is designed to keep your data extremely safe from any 3rd party.

10. Is my data shared with anyone?

Zbooni will NEVER share your private information or data with any 3rd party for any commercial or none commercial purposes.

11. How do I start?

Start by downloading the Zbooni app and creating an account. Just add products and adjust your settings for shipping and payment.

12. Can I have more than one account using the same Email addresss?

You can only use one email address per Zbooni account.

13. How many products can I add?

You can add as many products as you want.

14. How many photos can I add for each product?

You can add up to 4 photos per product. Make sure you capture all the details and give a product description for you to save time and make it easier for your customers to shop.

15. How do I add customers?

Customers will be automatically added to your CRM once they start with the checkout process. You can also add new customers yourself in the Customers or Orders section.

16. How do I get more customers?

After adding products, post your store or product link on your social media pages (Instagram bio or on your Facebook Page). You can also share that store over WhatsApp or Messenger. Customers can then simply click, order & pay!

17. How do I share a product?

To share a product click on Products> Choose a product> Share Product. You can share over WhatsApp or any other chat application (including Twitter, email, SMS).

18. Where can I find my store link?

To view and edit your ecommerce link click on Settings>Business Profile.

19. How can customers choose to pay?

Customers can choose to pay by credit card or cash on delivery. You can also accept money by bank transfer directly from your customer to your account.

20. What payment gateway does Zbooni use?

Zbooni uses PayFort (an Amazon Company) with high standards for security and privacy.

21. How do I get my money?

If a customer pays by credit card, the amount will be added to your Zbooni Account. The money will then be transferred to the registered bank account after you request a release payment.

22. When can I request a release payment?

Due to consumer protection laws and best practices, payouts can be made only 7 days after the date of transaction.

23. How long will it take for the money to reach my account?

It may take up to 3 business working days for the amount to be reflected in your bank account.

24. How do I add my bank account details?

To add your bank account details click on Settings> Payments>Payout Preferences.

25. Can I integrate my own website with Zbooni?

Even though we have plans to allow you to connect your website to your Zbooni account, that isn’t available at the moment.

26. Can I link any social media account to Zbooni?

Zbooni is fully integrated with Facebook.

27. What do I benefit from connecting my Facebook business page?

Connect your Facebook business page to Zbooni and fully manage inbound Facebook messages from the Zbooni app & easily share products with customers.

28. How many Facebook Pages can I connect to one Zbooni Account?

You can only connect one Facebook page to one Zbooni account.

29. Can I manage Instagram messages from Zbooni?

Not yet but even though Zbooni is’nt fully integrated with Instagram yet, you are still able to share products with customers via Instagram Direct Message.

30. What is the return/refund policy at Zbooni?

Zbooni does not interfere with your refund/return policy. Note: Due to regulations, any customer may file for a chargeback within a 14 day period prior to purchase.

31. Can I customize my Zbooni webiste?

Website customization — Feature coming soon

32. Can I add agents and give them access to my Zbooni account?

Multi-agent support — Feature coming soon. For now, you can share your login within the organization and have multiple users logged in at once.

33. How do I get access to discounted shipping rates?

Anytime a customers request a product be delivered to them during checkout, they will be able to choose the shipping method that is most suitable to them. *Available in KSA, UAE & Egypt only*

34. How can I keep track of inventory?

Inventory Tracking — Feature coming soon.

35. What if I have different sizes/color of the same item?

Vairants and collections — Feature coming soon.

36. Can I see any statistics /analyticts about my store?

Analytics — Feature coming soon.

37. Can I export my customer list?

Data Export — Feature coming soon