What is Important Enough to Motivate You?

Last week a good friend of mine, Lee Bradley sent me a motivational video that really made me think hard about life…it’s setbacks, it’s blessings, and everything in between. This video talked about our “why”. Your “why?” is your purpose for doing anything in life. Is your “why” enough to push you through the hard times? Is your “why” enough to make you better yourself and the people around you? I know it is easier said than done to be a purpose-driven person all of the time (and trust me I need to work on this myself), but if your “why” means enough to you, it will all take care of itself.

My “why” is simple…my wife and son come first, then the rest of my family, then friends, students, and all other people I have became close with throughout the years. If I take care of those things, my “why” will always be enough to push me through tough times and motivate me to seek more in myself. I’ll explain how my “why” helps to motivate me through the days and strive to live a purpose-driven life.

My “why?”
  • My wife, Skylar and son, Van come first in my life and always will. When I’m having a rough day, or need a little extra motivation, I look at a picture of my son smiling and realize that nothing is going to stop me from doing whatever it takes to support and protect him. I feel the same way about Skylar, but she is more motivated than myself to do the same for our son. I know there is so much room to improve at being a husband and father, so that’s what I strive for daily.
  • “The rest of my family” mean so much to me and I am able to do what I do everyday because of the unwavering support from my parents. My mom and dad have pushed me and lead by example. Their guidance never felt overbearing and they always let me figure things out for myself. My brother and sister are my best friends and there isn’t a lot that we do not share with each other. Our parents taught us a “family first” attitude that we will pass pass onto our children. Also, my extended family members on both sides are great and we are lucky to be so close.
  • All the other people I have became close with over the years also complete my “why”. I have amazing friends, that provide comedic relief and comfort to me when I need it most. My past and current students/athletes that I have had the opportunity to know motivate me to do my job everyday with the purpose of trying to make their life and the trajectory of their future better. Colleagues, employees, and bosses I have been fortunate to work with also motivate me with their wisdom and passion for helping kids.

My “why” takes care of itself in the world I live in. If I strive to be the best husband and father I can be, it will motivate me to work hard in my job to provide for family. Being a good husband and father can also make me an empathetic principal because I will use the old method, “would I want my child or wife treated that way?” In the same way, I work hard to be a good husband, father, educator, and citizen because of the way I was raised. I still think to myself on most days “would my parents approve?” and even further “would my parents be proud?” And lastly, my friends, students/athletes, and people I work with round out my “why”. If I am good to all of these people, I will be a better person and role model to my son, students, and athletes.

2014 Wrestlers, Coaches, and Managers

Ultimately, if your “why” is meaningful enough to you, you should be able to do everything in your power to strive through the tough times and live a life of purpose. When you wake up in the morning, what motivates you to take the next step in your day? What motivates you to work, go to school, travel (for work), move, etc…? I challenge you to think about that and write a list down. Then, when times get tough, look at your list and think about what you need to do in order to take care of that list…that is your “why”