I Feel the Need to Explore

We’ve been putting our ZClassic Block Explorer (ZCLBEX) through its paces recently and were moving through some interface updates when a community colleague pointed out that they were unable to access any working ZCL explorers. A quick check showed that this was indeed the case and so we quickly fired up a stop gap measure at http://zclbex.duckdns.org:3001/

ZCLBex — our ZClassic CE Block Explorer

This isn’t the final version of our explorer — as previously said there are a number of interface changes to make and we’ll also be pulling in information from our new API which is currently under active development. Given the small number of working explorers currently available we’ll be leaving this one up and adding others in the near future.

So since we’ve started supporting the community, we’ve now amassed well over 1500 followers through our media channels, and this number is growing significantly on a daily basis.

We’ve given help to a large number of peeps who’ve had issues with electrum wallets — mostly updating the server to point to the Zclassic CE electrumx server address at

electrum.zclassic.community : 50002

We’re well on the way to delivering a new api which will link into our web based and mobile dashboard mining info creation and thus deliver timely information direct to the desktop, mobile or other device capable of running a browser. We use this all the time and it’s accessible by clicking on the following snippet

And of course with the support of the community itself, we’ve managed to put in place a large number of new nodes to support and strengthen the Zclassic infrastructure worldwide.

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