Privacy is the Currency of the Future

2018 June 26th

We are proud to announce our partner: URUNIT. This is the first such partnership clinched by our young team in Zclassic Community Edition.

Zclassic and URUNIT, partners in privacy and decentralized, censorship-free leisure and recreation

Zclassic is financial freedom

Privacy is precious in our lives increasingly under surveillance. Zclassic makes complete anonymity possible. We are focused on improving our technology to bring a truly open and decentralized privacy platform to our ZCL community. Expect more to come as we build our infrastructure and invite more partners and collaborators to build out our vision of a better human technology, where we can live, work and play without fear of Big Brother watching our lives.

U Run It is going to change gambling industry once and for all. Every user can create one’s own private games and give access to friends and acquaintances. All private games are accessible only by invitation. Each game can be as private or as public as one chooses it to be. Same ethos as Zclassic.

“The philosophy of both Zclassic and URUNIT is essentially similar: we believe in being fair, in openness, and community,” said Roman Grushkovsky, CEO of U Run It, Ltd. “Partnership with Zclassic will definitely give more opportunities to everyone who wants to be a part of URUNIT community as we build our platform and revolutionize the gambling industry.”

As of now, URUNIT is accepting payments in ZCL during pre-ICO and ICO stages. ZCL will also be integrated in the platform once it’s developed. URUNIT will also support ANON (Anonymous Bitcoin) and accept it for investment and payments as of September 10th, 2018.

Moreover, ZCL holders will receive additional 10% bonus when they buy URUN tokens with ZCL.


URUNIT is the first gambling platform managed by its community. That means, absolutely all games, card tables, machines, lotteries, etc. are hosted and managed by the users of the platform. In other words, the payers themselves control the house, host games and receive most of the profit collected during the games. URUNIT is a revolution in the gambling world that will change the rules of the industry once and for all.

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About Zclassic (ZCL)

Zclassic, released in late 2016, is a fork of Zcash minus both the 20% founder’s reward and the slow start of Zcash. It is a truly decentralized, community-based privacy coin with no top-investors or centralized company behind it and is open to all members of the community, offering an equal chance to contribute and to invest in the project. Zclassic code and infrastructure is actively developed and maintained by its own community and has an impressive development plan and a great future.

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About Anonymous Bitcoin (ANON)

Anonymous Bitcoin is an ambitious project; its main goal is to deliver a cryptographic medium of exchange that enables seamless, highly private, secure, and “anonymous” transactions. Anonymous Bitcoin is not first to market. That has allowed ANON to analyze both the successes and failures of previous projects. Ultimately, team ANON strives to build on the mistakes of its predecessors, bring down barriers to entry and deliver a truly Anonymous Bitcoin with additional features that will excite the community and contribute to a truly lasting economy.

Fork date from ZCL is planned for September 10th 2018.

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Zclassic Community Edition & Anonymous Bitcoin are two teams working independently to bring out the best in Zclassic, a decentralized open source project. Both are willing to collaborate in the interest of the ZCL community and for the good of the Zclassic ecosystem at large.

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