Update — September

4 min readSep 20, 2018


(So, what do you lot get up to?)

We’ve been hearing a lot of this quite recently so, in addition to the ongoing maintenance, here’s a little insight into what we’ve been doing for Zclassic behind the scenes

Lots, really, we do — we’ve big plans for the future of ZCL and that involves, well, a lot of planning for one thing.

Zclassic Core

For Zclassic core there are a number of necessary updates which we need to systematically move through to bring us into line with the more recent version of Zcash. This is progressing as planned and we’ll let you know when these network upgrades are released to the wild.

Web Info

Communication — going by the comments on Telegram (and to a lesser degree elsewhere) the community would like

a) better information flow from the core team

b) more direct input into the future direction of Zclassic

c) both of the above

and so we’ve come up with a sort of web framework thing

the overview page

which at the minute may not have as much information as you’d like (this will be changing regularly and frequently), but the key to this is extensibility. It’s put together in such a way that this can (and soon will) be transferred over to an app with a view to becoming the unified communication and information channel for Zclassic. Future inclusions for the app version will also have access to a wallet if desired, which opens up all sorts of other possibilities. But for now we want your feedback on this initial release which is available on the web and currently runs in Chromium (this is the basis of the Electron framework which we’ll be using for the app version) and so should also work well in Chrome. We’ll extend this to support other browsers in the future. Please pass on any suggestions for improvement, you’ll find out how to do that if you check out the feedback button — it’s not terribly exciting but remember that this is an ongoing project and it’s designed so that we can easily update or add information as requested. To allow maximum screen real estate the menu is usually hidden at the top left of the page — but if you hover over it with your mouse (or tap on touchscreen) then it should spark into life. The above image should indicate roughly where you’ll need to hover to find the thing.

from the info page

and where does it live? check out http://info.zcl.community and that should get you going — it’s redirected to a test site for now so be aware that the address will change to zclassic.biorec.org.uk/xyz during this testing phase.

Mining Pool

We’re almost ready to release the official mining pool — and again we’d like your feedback on how best we operate this as this will be our primary mechanism for raising sufficient revenue to maintain the infrastructure for Zclassic — at the minute we (the core team) are covering these costs for the community but that’s not a long term sustainable solution. We need the infrastructure in place for things like the core network, block explorers, web servers, electrum servers etc. We propose initially to set this at 1% which will go to all infrastructure costs — we hope this will be sufficient and will adjust this downwards if possible but it will never go above 1%. But that’s our proposal to the community — let us know what you all think.


Version 1.0.6 of the electrum wallet has now been added to the master branch of the repository on GitHub, the Linux version is relatively straightforward to build from instructions on GitHub but we’ll be releasing a package in the near future

electrum 1.0.6 — linux

the main changes are mostly related to servers, with the updating to known working servers and block explorers and the removal of decommissioned ones.

A MacOS package is currently going through some final testing and should be available soon — we’re currently working on a windows version and don’t anticipate any issues so that shouldn’t be too far away.


We’ve had good communication with CoinMarketCap and have now updated a number of the links to reflect better the current situation with Zclassic.