What’s happening to Zclassic?

2 min readMar 17, 2018

A change to how ZClassic is maintained will be happening on April 1st

Here’s the relevant statement from the Bitcoin Private team (previously, Zclassic team) which will directly affect ZClassic infrastructure and is something we, as a community, need to be acting upon.

“Currently, the Bitcoin Private Treasury’s sole responsibility is to help fund the Bitcoin Private project. Now that the fork has passed, the treasury will no longer support the Zclassic project as of April 1, 2018.”

Short-term Implications for Zclassic

“The Zclassic nodes will be shut down by the end of March. Because it is fairly low cost, the Zclassic DNS seeder will remain active. This will allow the community to set up Zclassic nodes which can act as DNS seeds and allow the network to be maintained. We will not be responsible for these nodes, their maintenance, or their integrity.”

“The current official Electrum wallet servers will be shut down by April 1, 2018. ElectrumX peer discovery will be enabled before that time and a set of dedicated community hosted ElectrumX servers will replace the current ones in an updated client release. We will not be responsible for these servers, their maintenance, or their integrity.”

What can we do as a community?

Until another team is in place, BTCP have transferred all maintenance responsibilities to the community and it’s up to us to maintain the infrastructure for Zclassic going forward from 1st April with much preparation work beforehand to allow a smooth transition over this period

How can we achieve this?

We’ve identified a large number of nodes that will remain active and these are available through a zclassic.conf configuration file which is publicly available through links that we’ll advertise widely. We’ve also added more failover nodes and more will be available from the zclassic.conf configuration file before the cutoff date of April 1st. If we run nodes with this configuration file we should have more than sufficient capacity for wallets connecting without problem

Furthermore, we’ll be introducing a full node electron wallet as soon as possible which has already been tested for network connectivity and this has proved to be very promising, reliably connecting using the aforementioned zclassic.conf configuration file. An initial release showing only the dashboard view will be available for testing shortly. (this dashboard is excellent for monitoring mining pool income and we will develop this idea further)

ElectrumX servers will be setup and should be identified through peer discovery which will allow us to maintain the existing wallet, but configuration of the client wallet will be necessary — this is something we’re urgently looking into, to ensure continuity over the switch-off period

Why bother?

Because we believe that ZClassic has a strong future and wish to support it during this brief transient period and well into the future