Zclassic — The Next Chapter…

2 min readSep 2, 2018

The following is an announcement from the new official development team for Zclassic

Zclassic — the new dawn

Recently we received some exciting news via the Zclassic telegram when Jacob Brutman, from BTCP, posted this message

“Zclassic community: we have awarded the ZCL GitHub to Seth Nimbosa of ZCL CE.”

“Nimbosa can remove me from the organization as soon as he accepts his ownership invitation. After this, the GitHub organization will be 100% under his control and he can add and remove members as he sees fit along with his team ZCL CE”

We’d like to thank Jacob and the BTCP team for such a positive vote of confidence in the Zclassic community and it is our clear aim to continue the excellent work laid out by the previous ZCL team. Furthermore, we would like to develop a mutually beneficial way of working based on collaboration with any other teams.

The GitHub transfer is now complete and the community deserves to have a much clearer picture on how we move forward with Zclassic. One of the main things we’d really like to see is a progressive and inclusive way of working with all interested parties and to that end we ask anyone who wishes to actively get involved with Zclassic to contact us through any of the social media links posted toward the bottom of the home page on our website.

Zclassic is now in a position where it can move forward secure in the knowledge that it has the backing of an excellent community and we anticipate many great things in the future. We really want everyone to feel part of this future and we ask you to move forward with us and rise to the challenge of making Zclassic THE coin of choice for real world use — and MORE.

Bear in mind that this is a period of transition for Zclassic and so perhaps more now than ever before we need the full support of the community and we ask that you be somewhat patient with us — although we don’t anticipate any issues. In fact quite the opposite, we hope to deliver an improved service and infrastructure, for example an update to the electrum wallet should be available in the very near future. We also ask that you take this opportunity to show your support by voting for Zclassic in the current round of exchange voting on OKEx — instructions can be found on our Telegram or Discord.

There’s still a lot of work to do and we’ll keep you updated as and when we have any news. And of course it’s easy to contact us through Telegram or Discord at any time.

Many thanks for your continued support

The Zclassic CE Team

De7erv, Nimbosa, Skellers, Vic