Community Development Update

On Feb, 5th it was publicly disclosed that the Zcash code contained a severe vulnerability which permitted infinite counterfeiting.

On Feb 7th, “Skellers21” merged a commit into a new Zclassic Community repository which took the latest Zcash code “Sapling” and simply removed the Founder’s Reward. This was reviewed and is considered as the safest way to upgrade and fix any vulnerabilities in the Zclassic Code, while staying true to the original mission described in the whitepaper.

The latest commit was made on April 6 by “Skellers21”, which was reviewed by the community to sync to version 2.0.4.

All major exchanges…

Many rumors have emerged suggesting that a new development team has taken over Zclassic. As of now, no development team has approached us to discuss further development of the project nor does the Bitcoin Private team intend to continue active development. Furthermore, we have no intention of handing the project over to a new team without significant experience or a comprehensive development plan.

So what does this mean in the short and long term for Zclassic? We will discuss the short term first. Currently, the Bitcoin Private Treasury’s sole responsibility is to help fund the Bitcoin Private project. …


Zclassic is a fork of Zcash... No Founders Tax / No Slow Start / Democratic

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