What People-related KPIs should we measure at Onfido?

At Onfido, we’re focused on the KPIs that matter. We have distilled company performance to 3 core metrics — which we’re all laser focused on.

Our Growth, Service Delivery and Technology Groups can readily point at which of the KPIs they’re working towards. In Business Operations, and particularly our People Team, it becomes a little trickier.

Our People Team covers a lot of areas (outlined in the imagine below).

We’re a data-driven company and one of our four values is to ‘Find a better way’ via constant experimentation to fix what’s broken and/or make what works even better. A way of identifying things to improve is through data — the impressive Lord Kelvin said “If you can not measure it, you can not improve it”.

So what should we be measuring in the People Team? We’ve reported on many things historically but I’m keen to find out what People metrics really matter, why, and importantly, what behaviours or process improvements have changed off the back of the data.

I’ve already collated a long list of all the usual suspects for metrics in Talent Acquisition, HR, Employee Engagement, Retention and Learning and Development. For the next month, I’m going to undertake a project finding out what others have done and then making a recommendation on what we should do. I’ll be sharing my learnings with a few blogs.

If you want to share your insights of People / Talent Acquisition KPIs that have/haven’t worked for you — please get in touch zeshaan dot shamsi at onfido dot com.