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At the shift changeover in most hospitals, a paper form is completed to summarise the last shift and highlight key aspects of the upcoming shift. As an example, a completed form could look like below.

Typography basics and common practices

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Typography is about shaping and laying out the texts on your website to create a pleasant user experience. Web design is 95% typography. And it’s essential for website developers to know the basics and some common practices.

There’s a lot more jargon and subjectivity in Typography than in other areas. This article is intended as a concise and practical guide for software developers on choosing/using custom fonts and laying out the texts nicely and comfortably. It covers the basics to get you most of the way there.


Let’s start with some basic terms…

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I’m a command line lover and use Git from the terminal all the time.

If you’re like me, you might start getting annoyed by some little things at a certain point. For example, it starts to get a bit annoying to always type two separate commands — git add <file> then git commit -m 'Your commit message' - to commit your changes. Or maybe you want to have a better looking git history when you type git log. Or you want your local branch to be automatically pruned when the remote branch has…

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A register in Vim is basically a slot in memory that you can put a piece of text in and read it out later. Each register is like the clipboard provided by the OS (e.g. Windows, MacOS etc.), except that Vim has a LOT of them instead of just one.

It takes a while to learn how to use them and some slow repetitions in the beginning to develop the muscle memory, but you’ll never go back to the simple yank/paste again after getting comfortable with it.

Basic usage

You can list all registers and…

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