Summary of Zebi AMA Session Conducted on August 28, 2019

At Zebi, we have always tried to maintain 100% transparency with our valuable clients. AMA (Ask Me Anything) FB Live session with Zebi Management Team, Sudheer Kuppam, Pruthvi Rao, Arun V Rao, Phani Arega and Srinivas Tangirala was conducted from Zebi Hyderabad office on August 28th at 11 AM IST. We received a great response from the community and the AMA session was a huge success. We are delighted to see a positive response, a variety of questions, and an active engagement from the community.

You can watch the full video of Facebook Live AMA Session here:

Facebook Live AMA Session

With this AMA, we tried to address a lot of questions and concerns in a detailed manner. You can find a summary of the AMA questions:

Q — The company should focus on Zebi token too. Just a suggestion because there are two kind of people: Tech Lovers and Speculators supporting the token.

A — Thank you for your suggestion. If you look at the developments that we have accomplished in the last quarters i.e.; since our last AMA, the first move on our ERC20 tokens to BEP2 swap so that we can naturally list on Binance DEX, which is a decentralized exchange platform. The good news is, across our 4 products, we are already Blockchaining 2 million records and these 2 million records will become 2 million transactions on our Mainnet very soon.

We have intentionally asked the engineering team to hold off on putting these 2 M records on the Mainnet mainly because we want all the global validators and delegators of our token to benefit from the reward. So, as soon as the Mainnet swap goes live, you will have a chance to swap ERC20 ZCO token to Zebi token (ZEBI).

Once we see more public nodes on our Mainnet, we will do data loading so that the rewards for blockchain the 2 M records will go to the token holders. We are also in the process of listing Zebi token on various exchanges. As and when we have updates, we will share the details with the community.

Q — Will exchanges convert the tokens?

A — Yes, some exchanges have already listed Cosmos Atom token and they have the framework to list the non-ERC tokens. It will be a seamless swap for the users. As the details are finalized, we will announce in the community.

For now, the two exchanges that are already signed up for the swap are Bitbns and Bitmart. We are working with both the exchanges to enable swap through the exchange. Over the next week or sooner than that, we will have more clarity on the same.

Q — Looks like you guys have raised money by selling Zebi tokens as part of ICO. I see a note that Zebi is not a cryptocurrency and just a utility token. How do token holders benefit by buying Zebi tokens? Why should users buy Zebi tokens? Are there any staking rewards or buybacks?

A — The Validators and Delegators will receive better rewards for staking their tokens on Zebi Public Blockchain.

We would also like to announce today that the security part of almost all existing customers will be moved to Main Net (currently about 2M records across 4 products), and this will continue. All new customer will be securing their records on Mainnet, unless there are exceptional reasons for the same.

The use of ZEBI as a utility token has begun and will only grow.

Q — Do you have any plans to be listed on a Japanese exchange? If not, please consider.

A — Thank you for the suggestion. We are already listed on Liquid which is a Japanese exchange. We are also exploring new markets in Asia. We will keep you posted on the progress.

Q — How can token holders benefit with Zebi tokens? Why did you constantly change your plans regarding the token use?

A — As already addressed that the single most important utility of the native token is to run the Mainnet. Now, with respect to fiat to Zebi token (ZEBI) conversion or accepting ZEBI tokens as a payment mechanism, many of you know that India has taken a very strong stand against cryptocurrencies. So, naturally, Zebi has to trade cautiously given the fact that we are doing business in the country and all of our customer base is in India at the moment. We need to ensure that we cannot force anything that would put the company at the risk with local regularities and our customers

Q — It is important for a project to have a functioning community. Why does it seem that Zebi does not care about its community and the token holders?

A — Zebi team strongly believes in the community and cares for its token holders. We are actively responding to the queries posted by community members and we will continue to do so.

We are confident that this perception will change in the near future.

We also request the community to support us equally to make Zebi a success.

Q — What is the yearly percentage of staking node runners will earn?

A — The yearly percentage that the staking node runners will earn can be calculated based on the Rate of Inflation and Number of Validators. Therefore, it is not possible for us to give the exact percentage.

Q — Why is Zebi marketing still “out of control” and why don’t you promote your project?

A — Zebi marketing team is working on different marketing strategies. We worked on the successful implementation of listing Zebi token on Binance DEX and the launch of Zebi Public Blockchain.

The team also launched a comprehensive set of ZPB documentation on the website

Zebi website is now revamped with up-to-date technical content, news, videos, etc.

The team has been continuously posting meaningful updates about the new projects and technical updates on all social media channels. The response from the community has been positive and encouraging.

Q — Are you aware that Zebi community is shrinking and what will you do about it?

A — We are keeping the community up to date on the progress that we are making. The team is confident that with the launch of ZPB, a lot of new members will join the community.

A project can be successful only if the community also equally understands the realities and supports us. We request that the community continues to provide us with strong support in the days after Mainnet. Go ahead and talk about us.

Q — What are you going to do about — 99% ROI for ZCO token holders? And why don’t you understand your token holder’s situation?

A — Crypto markets are experiencing a nuclear winter. A lot of alt coins are stuck in this due to lack of credibility because they have not delivered what they promised. Unfortunately, Zebi is being associated with the rest of the alts despite fundamental progress that we have made.

We are selling four block chain products in India, have multiple customers and over 2M records are being blockchained. We recently launched our Mainnet and the transaction volume on the Mainnet will be clearly evident with respect to the market adoption. With this, the use of ZEBI as a utility token has begun and will only grow.

We have a couple of newer products that are in R&D targeted at developed economies and we plan to announce those as soon as we have signed up new customers globally.

Q — Is Zebi finally converting fiat (from customers) into tokens, at least a percentage? If not, where is the Zebi token used and why should people hold Zebi token and run a staking node if there’s no real appreciation?

A — Due to crypto regulations in India, Zebi is not converting fiat into tokens. Zebi tokens can be used as a utility token for Mainnet related transactions with huge staking rewards. Community members can hold Zebi tokens and run staking nodes for huge rewards.

Q — Tell me at least 5 reasons why someone should invest in your token?

A — We are one of the few blockchain companies with real market adoption. We are India’s only functional Mainnet. With digitization drive in India, we have plenty of opportunities to bring blockchain benefits to various applications.

Q — Pruthvi Rao, to many community members you are the person that is secretly leading Zebi. Will you replace the empty space that Babu left behind? You seem to have a good spirit and much experience. Many think your expertise is what Zebi needs at the moment. Please tell us why Zebi will succeed and why token holders should not give up on Zebi and their investment? It would be interesting to hear your global opinion about the project.

A — No, it’s not like that. Everyone here is leading Zebi from the front.

In the last 6 months, we have added 25 customers, listed on 6+ exchanges, listed on Binance DEX and pulled Mainnet by half a year and gone live! With the launch of Mainnet, the use of ZEBI as a utility token has begun with 2 million records already getting on Mainnet and will only grow.

In the near future, we will be using our existing university network to launch developer programs across 30+ universities conduct hackathons to build Zapp infrastructure and ecosystem which will drive more use cases on Mainnet, utilizing ZEBI as a token for every transaction.

We have also just started expanding to other geographies as well. You will hear more about this as things progress.

Q — Please provide more clarifications/FAQ on BEP2 swap. What if you bought on an exchange? What happens if your tokens are on an exchange? Do they get converted automatically? What about people that are not aware of the exchange?

A — For token holders, instructions on the token swap process are provided on

Zebi team is in talks with various exchanges regarding enabling automatic swap.

We are also in the process of publishing articles explaining the token swap dynamics.

Detailed FAQs are already published and being revised from time to time on

Q — Do we have an answer regarding why the unclaimed/non-swapped coins be credited to Zebi account and not to the original owners?

A — We would like to inform the community that the remaining unclaimed tokens at the end of 90 days swap period will not be added to the Zebi account. Instead, those tokens will be burnt, and they will be out of supply. This message was announced in the community on August 26th, 2019.

Q — Has your KYC platform been audited by a third party? How do you ensure the safety of our personal information?

A — Zebi KYC platform has not been audited by the third party. The safety of customer’s personal information is our utmost priority and it is kept confidential.

Q — Will ZCO be removed completely from trading until the swap is finished?

A — We have informed the community members that all unclaimed tokens (ZCO) at the end of 90 days swap period will be burnt and they will be out of supply.

ZCO will be delisted from the exchanges and new Zebi token (ZEBI) will be listed.

We will keep you informed about new exchange listings.

Q — Will Zebi be useful for Holland country?

A — Zebi’s products have universal implications so that current products that we sell are mostly targeted at emerging markets mainly because there is a lot of concern with respect to authenticity given the fact there are a lot of fake and duplicate documents prevalence in countries like India. So, when you look at Zebi Edu Chain, it gives peace of mind to the universities because people are printing fake certificates left and right along with transcripts.

Coming to Holland country, there are a couple of products that we have been targeting to developed economies. When we announce them, they will be useful for a country like Holland.

Q — When OKEX swap?

A — We are in talks with them. As and when we have the confirmation, we will update our community.

Q — I think the newbie developers may need a Zebi IDE/SDK to develop on Zebi Blockchain. Any plans to make one?

A — Newbie developers will be making a Zebi ID, but probably, we will come out with plug-in modules that will enable integration with most popular IDs like visual code and even eclipse that will enable faster development of application of ZPB.

Q — How do you plan to utilize ZEBI tokens on the customer side (e.g.: Zebi ID etc)?

A — Every single transaction that we use for security on Zebi Mainnet for our customers will use a ZEBI token. As said above, this will be the reward for token holders will out outside of validator reward.

Q — Is it possible to create a use case for collaborating with exchanges dealing in reward points such as

A — This is something that we have considered. We are not taken it to the but we have taken it to customers who are equivalent users of It will be too early to discuss this, but when we have something to update, we will disclose.

Q — Can we expect any collaboration between Zebi and Cosmos in terms of technology?

A — Going forward, we will be collaborating with Cosmos and Binance and it will increase down the line.

Q — Can you explain what are the industries Zebi is looking to penetrate?

A — We are in discussion with high-level cloud security and data center space industries. In addition, we are also looking to provide blockchain infrastructure as a service to some of our prospective customers. The discussions are going on.

Q — Will there be any way to utilize Zebi’s internal public database to Zapps developers for ease of work?

A — Zebi has to respect the data privacy and data security aspects at the same time so we will have to evoke with the data providers for such collaborations and agree on the data usage of the data.

Q — How many developers are currently working?

A — We have 46 developers in the engineering team and have 3 development centers in India including Hyderabad, Vizag, and Bengaluru. The number is expected to increase with time.

Q — What are the rewards for the delegators and validators, respectively?

Will the validators be able to determine the rewards paid to the delegators or will it be fixed?

What is the minimum requirement to become a delegator?

When and how the Zebi tokens will become an integrated part of the Zebi ecosystem?

A — Visit for queries related to Validators and Delegators.

Q — Indian government has allowed own crypt-currency as a financial asset, is there a possibility of developing an app that can hold ZEBI in a wallet and do real-time crypto/ZEBI to Fiat currency conversion?

A — Indian government has not taken a legal stand against crypto yet and the case is still going on. But you can be rest assured that the day Indian government allows it, Zebi will be first to adopt it.

Q — Are you planning to integrate AI as well?

A — Zebi has already integrated AI in one of the products known as Zebi AI Chain that is used by several hotels for identity verification of the customers. So that is one of the strengths of Zebi.

Q — How is the funding provided for Zebi?

A — As most of you are aware of ICO funding that has happened last year, some of those funds have been and are being used for product development. From time to time, we are also using equity financing that basically helps us with respect to working capital along with the revenue that is being generated by selling current live blockchain products.

Q — Are the instructions for validator details complete or is there more to add to the documents?

A — Yes, the instructions for validator details are complete. Please refer to the documentation to know more about it. In case of any clarification, you can always get in touch with us.

Q — Should validators set up a Sentry node(s) front-end like COSMOS or not. Is this necessary?

A — The validators can set up a Sentry node(s) for extra security purpose just like COSMOS recommends it.

Q — Are there plans to get the ZEBI wallet listed on Ledger Hardware Wallets? This is important for long term holders. Currently, COSMOS has a wallet on Ledger Hardware Wallet, but users need to put their Ledgers into “developer mode” to download the wallet via the Ledger Desktop Interface… please advise us on plans.

A — Currently, ZPB Wallet is a Web-based application that can be used to transfer the Zebi tokens (ZEBI) between account holders within ZPB. It also provides the functionality for account creation, for delegators to delegate/re-delegate/undelegate their tokens to a validator. The web version of ZPB wallet supports any browser on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. However, in the subsequent phases, it will support the ledger nano S and ledger nano X wallet along with the mobile version.

Q — What are you doing to ensure that our Personal Info provided during the KYC doesn’t get distributed to ANYONE? The KYC was a shock to many and has made many of us have to make difficult decisions regarding the token swap.

A — All the information collected through KYC is stored securely. The technology we use ensures the highest security standards and Zebi will not be sharing the KYC information with any other third party.

Q — Where can we see Zebi in 5 years as a blockchain company?

A — Today, we are Blockchaining 2M records on the blockchain. In 2–3 years to come, we are expecting to blockchain 100M records and probably in 5 years, more than 1 billion.


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