Summary of Zebi AMA Session Conducted on May 29,2019

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At Zebi, we have always tried to communicate and be transparent with the community. Our second AMA (Ask Me Anything) FB Live session with our CXOs, Sudheer Kuppam, Babu Munagala, Pruthvi Rao and Arun V Rao was conducted from Zebi Hyderabad office on May 29th at 11 AM IST. We received a great response from the community and the AMA session was a huge success. We are delighted to see a positive response, a variety of questions, and an active engagement from the community. Stay tuned as we post the AMA updates on all the social channels!

This is one of the many initiatives that Zebi is taking to maintain the 100% transparency with our valuable clients. The trust and faith that people have shown in Zebi are clearly evident. Going forward, we will continue to organize such sessions on a quarterly basis to respond to your queries and to provide regular updates on our blockchain-based products.

With this AMA, we tried to address a lot of questions and concerns in a detailed manner. You can find a summary of the AMA questions.

Q — Can we have a tech update on the development of Zebi Mainnet please?

A — Zebi Mainnet i.e., the native blockchain will be launched on Aug 15 this year. New Zebi Coins will be swapped with existing ERC 20 tokens and we have internally decided that we will give 90 days to all the ERC 20 token holders to swap out their tokens into Zebi coins.

Q — What will be the rewards for running master nodes?

A — All the details will be shared down the line.

Q — When will you go for the top 10 exchanges? What about listing on Binance?

A — In the last 3 months, we have probably listed on half a dozen exchanges. All that information is available on our Telegram channel. So, we will continue to look for high volume exchanges.

Coming to Binance, every exchange has their own success criteria, a check that we need to ensure that we meet to confirm the requirements for listing. So, what exactly we are going to do is once Mainnet is launched, because for majority of the top exchanges — having a live Mainnet is critical for the listing and once the launch happens in Aug, we will pursue all the important exchanges to ensure that Zebi has enough liquidity and the ZCO is available globally for community to make their purchases.

Q — Does the exchange support the swap of ZCO to Zebi coins?

A — ZCOs are listed on multiple exchanges. Will try to work with all the exchanges wherever ZCO is listed to support the swap. If the exchange can’t support, we will give enough time with respect to communication so that all of you can work with the exchange and withdraw your coins.

Q — How are you going to prove that the Zebi CXOs are indeed purchasing 1000 ETH worth of ZCOs?

A — CXOs buyback is personal spend. It’s not a corporate buyback. We cannot share any details on personal buybacks. CXOs approached the board that they wanted to purchase Zebi coins in the open market and the board approved the same.

Q — Matic launch on Binance, can Zebi do the same?

A — To list on Binance, we need public blockchain to be live. So, after Mainnet launch on Aug 15, we will look forward to the new opportunities.

Q — Telangana government announced the blockchain startup, is Zebi going to provide any platform for the new upcoming projects from startups?

A — We had a discussion with blockchain district and have already indicated our interest in the blockchain ecosystem. They have asked us for a proposal on what we can do. You will soon see an update from us.

Q — Is Zebi involved in the Smart Cities initiative through India’s housing and urban development?

A — We are already in discussion with some of the key players in India. Nothing is formalized yet; rest we will update you later.

Q — Is torque still involved?

A — We haven’t contacted torque in several months now.

Q — Please update your website with the names of governments, universities, hotels, and companies you are currently working with.

A — Website is revamping for now. In early July month, you’ll see our new website covering the name of governments, universities, hotels, and companies we are currently working with.

Q — What is the update on GitHub?

A — After Mainnet launch, we will continue to GitHub platform.

Q — Could you explain a bit more about Zebi pay?

A — Zebi pay platform is designed to facilitate secure data exchange on the Zebi public blockchain ecosystem. It will facilitate services in both FIAT currencies like Euro, INR, US Dollars and cryptocurrencies like BTC and Ether. For all currency payments, Zebi pay platform will give the users a completely seamless experience linking it with existing payment gateways.

Q — Why people still invest in ZCO?

A — Zebi, as India’s leading blockchain company, has a vision to blockchain billions of records. As you all know lots of digitization is happing in India. Due to digitization, blockchain naturally makes sense and Zebi will help you secure the data from unauthorized access. Our 3 products are already in commercial mode and other products will be deployed soon.

Q — About Cardano

A — Zebi has decided to go with Cosmos platform which is far more superior to Cardano. Based on Zebi product required and the data handling and transaction required per second, we have decided to go with Cosmos.

Q — Can you elaborate on what kind of relationship Zebi has with this company?

A — Zebi has a technical collaboration with Matic. We are extremely happy with their successful ICO and look forward to further collaboration.

Q — With respect to Indian regulations, once Zebi launch on Aug 15, can we buy Zebi with INR in India?

A — Please wait for a week or two. You will get an update about the Indian regulations soon.

Q — Who is going to be the next CTO?

A — Our CEO will be acting as CTO until we hire someone to fill the place.

Q — Can you provide more detail about the Element42 Acquisition? Can you provide detail on what new products/services are being pursued with this new development talent?

A — Element 42 acquisition has expanded the reach for Zebi Edu Chain. Zebi Edu Chain is a hybrid document security platform for securely managing physical and digital documents on a single platform. Zebi Edu Chain is the easiest and most secure way to issue and verify the authenticity of documents. It can be performed using the Zebi Edu Chain application. Of course, all the data is blockchained to bring benefits to the Education ecosystem.

The Element42 acquisition also enabled the development of other core IP of e42 and the related launch of other new products that will be launched in the next few months with paid customer design wins.

Q — Please comments on the governance on the speed of technologies progress in Zebi.

A — If you just pay attention to all the announcements, we have made in 3–4 months, you will notice that we are one of few real-world application companies where we have customers that are paying us for our products. We are working with various stakeholders in various industries, we have many things to come.

Q — What is the biggest chain Zebi has right now in terms of data and usage?

A — It’s our Zebi Edu Chain product, which has 1.4 million records.

Q — Will Zebi tech be open source so other developers can build and expand the Zebi ecosystem similar to Ethereum?

A — After public blockchain launch, we will open some of the modules so that additional Dapps can be built on top of that. Especially for applications which are similar to Zebi products.

Q — Eleven 01 is already being called out as India’s blockchain. How does Zebi look at Eleven 01?

A — No Comments

Q — Can you show anything from the Mainnet or public blockchain?

A — Please wait for Mainnet launch coming up on August 15, 2019.

Q — Would independent developer be able to build something on top of Zebi public blockchain?

A — Yes, an independent developer be able to build something on top of Zebi public blockchain.

Q — What is Zebi current revenue? How long do you think Zebi needs to grow before Zebi token is mandatory as payment? What is the current discount for using Zebi versus fiat? What is the current average daily transaction? What is the biggest Zebi chain now and what chain do you think have the greatest potential?

A — We cannot comment on financials now. Our biz model is SAAS type. We charge a licensing fee to initially blockchain all the existing data. Subsequently, we charge a nominal fee whenever there is a read or write onto the chained data. Our biz model varies from recurring monthly/annual fees to transaction fees based on the specific industry and the usage models.

Q — How many developers do you have working at Zebi?

A — Currently, we have 80 developers working at Zebi. Plan to scale that to 150 by the end of the fiscal year ending March 2020.

Q — Why is Zebi team CXOs only from Telugu states?

A — It’s not true. Two of our CXOs, Pruthvi, and Arun are from Karnataka and Sudheer and Babu are from Andhra Pradesh.

Q — Is Zebi profitable now? When is it expected to be profitable on a monthly basis?

A — We can’t reveal about the financial detail. We have enough liquidity for now.

Q — How do you operate in India where all cryptocurrencies are banned. Are we confident that central govt will support Zebi in future?

A — Please note that Zebi is registered in Singapore and only the development team is in India. Therefore, Crypto ban does not affect Zebi much. Zebi’s primary utility has already been enumerated earlier. We are far more a blockchain innovator rather than a cryptocurrency. Indian government encourages the Blockchain technology and it will be worthwhile to know that that Indian government differentiates between cryptocurrency and blockchain utility token.

Q — Database storage and access cost in a recurring expense, so the one-time cost to store the data might not be sufficient for longer storage, say if we are storing a land record, it should be stored for maybe forever, then who will pay the storage cost?

A — Our business model ensures that whatever we are charging, our customers ensure that all our cost is taken care of.

Q — What happens to KRON 4 and Fox Business news?

A — We don’t have access to those streams. As soon as we get to know about it, we will post it in our telegram as well as our social media channels.

Q — Does Zebi has partnership outside of India?

A — We are exploring actively and speaking to several partners in Brazil, Columbia, Vietnam, Indonesia, UK, and USA.

Q — Does Zebi also has proofs to show that they have partnerships with Telangana, Maharashtra and Goa governments??

A- We already announced our partnership with Telangana govt on the implementation of Zebi Edu Chain. With respect to other governments, we will announce once we implement any of our products in those states.

We need to understand that most deployments are under confidentiality agreements with our customers and cannot be openly announced. Where customers are ok, we have made announcements and will continue to do so.

Q — Are the plans to start heavier marketing when the Mainnet launches?

A — Yes, we do have plans. We just signed with another digital marketing agency. After Mainnet launch, you will see more activity on our social media channels.

Q — In last AMA, Zebi said that they will be opening offices in Ca, USA? Is that still true??

A — Yes, we have an office in Milpitas, CA, USA (Silicon Valley).

Q — New government can decide to give blockchain land records to some other companies like Eleven01? Can you throw some insight on this?

A — The elections in India are over now and the new administration will take charge now. At the end of the day, if one of our customers decide to use a competitor’s product, there is nothing much Zebi can do.

Q — Will you share company revenue or financial with the token holders in the future?

A — We will not be disclosing any financial details with the token holders.


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